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Barbara Broadcast


The Time Machine once again goes back to the seventies for some more porn with "Barbara Broadcast." This scene features Constance Money as a "Babe in Bondage." She's all stark naked and showing it all, but the sex is implied. Caps with a clip.



TV Land

Lighten it up as we go over to TV Land for one of the professional dancers on "Dancing with the Stars," Edyta Sliwinska, seen her with Jimmy Kimmel. Her celebrity partner was eliminated from the competition, so I couldn't resist this leg & thigh show. She has a great pair of gams. Caps with an HD clip




Don Juan


Part 1

Brigitte Bardot film clip (samples below)


to be continued ...


The Collector


Johnny Moronic's comments:

"The Collector is a film about a man who has worked at a house and believes that there is some jewels in a safe there. He plans to rob the house, but when he gets there it seems someone else has other ideas and has booby-trapped the entire house in order to capture its inhabitants for his own private torture. The robber, who is stuck in the house, tries to help the family, including a little girl who is hiding somewhere.

Apart for some really dumb horror clichés (mainly in the final act), the film is a pretty solid if unbelievable horror film with the added bonus of Madeline Zima showing her breasts in her very brief role."

Madeleine Zima film clip (collages below)


It's the 80s today.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Only a bit of nudity in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988).

An unknown shows her butt

and there is a bit of a nipple shown by a sexy Uma Thurman.

Black Widow

Some lovely nudity in Black Widow (1987) by a sexy Theresa Russell.


Debra Winger

and Diane Ladd are very sexy.

Can't Stop the Music

The movie Can't Stop the Music (1980) was a shocker but Valerie shows
a bit of nipple when she goes swimming with The Village People.


Cold Steel

There is a brief nipple flash by Sharon Stone in Cold Steel (1987).

Earth Girls Are Easy

No visible nudity in Earth Girls Are Easy (1988).

Geena Davis shows some lovely pokies.

There is cleavage by Julie Brown,


Diane Stilwell

and some unidentified women.


Again, no visible nudity in Gotcha! (1985). Linda Fiorentino shows some side boobage

and Christie Claridge shows some brief pokies.


Some see-through pokies by Irene Miracle in Inferno (1980) when she goes for a swim.

The King of Comedy

No nudity in The King of Comedy (1982) but Sandra Bernhard is down to her underwear.

Prisoners of the Lost Universe

Kay Lenz is topless in Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1983) but we have to be content with some pokies.


One of my favourites, Rosanna Arquette, is briefly topless in S.O.B. (1981).

However, the best nudity comes from a topless Julie Andrews

and Marisa Berenson.

An unknown party-goer is also topless.

Jennifer Edwards,

Loretta Swit

and Mimi Davis look good.


No nudity in Salsa (1988) but Magali Alvarado

and Moon Orona are very sexy.

The Serpent and the Rainbow

Brief breast exposure by Cathy Tyson in The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988), although it could be a body double.


Just a note today:

An uncut DVD of Death Wish 2 is available at under the title "Le justicier dans la ville 2'

A precise rundown on what was cut in the other releases (you can count on those Germans for their attention to detail):

Hey - can someone capture Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries)  in her bra and panties in Atom Egoyan's Chloe? This is possibly the best underwear tease since Martha MacIsaac in The Last House on the Left.



Kim Kardashian

Tila Tequila at the Crazy Horse

Tila Tequila nip-slip

Amy Winehouse partial slips



Film Clips

This is awesome. Two 1080p film clips of Blythe Danner (Paltrow's mom) in 1974's Lovin' Molly. I always had a thing for Blythe, but when I started to write this page it was difficult to get even a decent VHS copy of this film. Times have changed, and for the better. This seems almost life-sized, so we can ogle Blythe's excellent chest which her famous daughter did not inherit. If only we could get To Kill a Clown (Blythe's other big nude scene) in some format better than VHS. By the way, Lovin' Molly, although not a great movie, had a great pedigree. It was directed by Sydney Lumet in between Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon. It was adapted from a novel by Larry McMurtry, whose work also inspired Lonesome Dove and The Last Picture Show.

The women of Dance With Death:

Two films with Anastasiya Tsvetayeva

A very young Claire Danes in To Gillian on her 37th Birthday (thong bikini; samples below). This scene was shot twice, with two different bikinis for Danes, the other one being much more modest. I guess this had something to do with the fact that she was only 16 at the time. The safer version can still be found on some prints.

Ashley Judd in Come Early Morning I have never seen this before. No nudity, but she's a pretty big star, so ...