A bit late today. Sort of an interesting background story, if you don't know how a page like this is created. The page has become so enormous now that it can take three hours to upload everything to the server, even with a fast broadband connection. I usually finish writing the page around midnight, upload while I sleep, then publish early in the morning, after checking to make sure that no big stories have emerged during the night. That's quite different from the process of writing the page in the pre-movie era. Back then I might spend eight hours putting the Fun House together, but the actual uploading only took ten minutes!

Last night my computer shut off and rebooted during upload (not sure why), which is while I was asleep. I woke up with the page written, but three hours worth of uploading yet to do!


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Sexual Predator


Erotic thriller starring Richard Grieco. That sounds like a paradox.

Man, Grieco's career is white-hot, inn't it? Is he still alive?

Angie Everhart film clips (collages below)

McKayla  film clips (caps below)


Ray Valenti film clips (caps below)


assorted film clips with unknown or unknowns (caps below)








Because of the Cats


The Time Machine once again goes back to the seventies for Because of the Cats, with Delia Lindsay giving up full frontal playing a rape victim whose husband is forced to watch. Caps and a clip.


TV Land

Over in TV Land the "Today" show gives us a trio of ladies, Amy Robach, Jean Chatzky & Melissa Francis having a leg duel. Caps and an HD clip.









Notes and collages

"Unhappily Ever After"

Nikki Cox

Season 4, episode 6









Girls of Sunset Strip


Coming your way will be clips from a strip-and-wiggle disk called Girls of Sunset Strip. Not your typical fare in that the girls in question include a bunch of B-movie regulars. They would be Kim Dawson, Mimi Fallace, Monique Parent, Nenna Quiroz (who often gets cinema nekkid as Lisa Throw) and Tanya Poole.  And there is this other gal named Crystal Nelson. 

The disk suffers from one huge fault - stupid camera tricks.  Post-production editing added all sorts of unnecessary and obscuring features to the nekkid gals, as if the producers were attempting to show they could put out a work of cinematic art.  Sheesh.  I edited out that shit, leaving the gals in all their glory.

DVD bonus features included three clips of other disks in which Julie Strain. Lorissa McComas and Shauna O'Brien get down to their birthday suits.  With Kim, Julie, Lorissa and Monique, you have to figure this disk includes actresses in a few hundred B movies. 

Today: Kim Dawson










Princess Eugenie of England

Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler - Blu-Ray quality


Film Clips