Game of Thrones, s2e3, did not disappoint ...

 720p clips:

Maisie Dee (an incidental character)

Natalie Dormer

Lena Dunham flashed some sweater-fillers in episode one of Girls

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


First Born



No real nudity, but hey, it's Elisabeth Shue


Rites of Passage


Johnny's comments:

Rites of Passage is a thriller about a group of students from an anthropology class run by Professor Nash (Stephen Dorff, back slumming it) who are invited to nerdy Nathan's (Ryan Donowho) family property, where the Chumash Indians used to live. They intend to recreate the Chumash ceremonies. Also invited are Dani (Kate Maberly, geez, is it really 20 years since The Secret Garden), a part Chumash girl who has major mental issues and is wild as all get out, plus various jocks and sorority girls (Chronicle cutie Ashley Hinshaw, Carly Schroeder and Sharon Hinnendael basically playing her Look character, without the copious nudity, sadly). They are going to party away the weekend.

Living on the property:

  1. Nathan's ginseng-afflicted brother (Wes Bentley, um yeah...) who desperately wants a Chumash wife and thinks he has one in Penelope (Briana Evigan) and then the partially Chumash Dani.

  2. Delgado (Christian Slater, who has to be seen to be believed...), the meth-huffing, shotgun-toting caretaker who talks to a stuffed monkey toy and tries to exact revenge on the person who killed his wife and kid. That person happens to be Dani!

Yes, everyone wants 'hot mess' Dani, people will become drug-afflicted and a fair portion will die.

Man, this is a B movie and proud of it. It's completely silly, but also surprisingly fun to watch. It never tries to reach great heights, the name actors are having a lot of fun and the movie has enough snappy one-liners and bitchy or drug-soaked dialogue that makes it hard to dismiss.

If only it had a decent amount of nudity from the pretty girls, not just plenty of bikini action... Damn it.

1080p film clip of Ashley Hinshaw.
Her butt in a thong is the closes we get to nudity. Collages below:

And various non-nude collages:

Briana Evigan

Sharon Hinnendael

Kate Maberly

Carly Schroeder

Angelic Zambrana


Atsuko Okatsuka in Littlerock (2012) again, this time in 1080p

Mailys Amrous in Polisse

The women of Lonely Hearts (1991)

Sharon Farrell

Bibi Besch

Rebecca Street

Bev D'Angelo

Today's Italian exploitation classic: Florinda Bolkan and Anita Strindberg in A Lizard in Woman's Clothing (1971)


NICE! Leslie Bibb in the annual Allure issue about looking good naked

Taraji Henson in the same issue. Don't have a scan yet, but here's a vidcap:

Zana Marjanovich in In the Land of Blood and Honey