TV Update

The nudity in last night's Camelot was minimal, just a brief continuation of the wedding night scene featuring Tamsin Egerton (720p).

I was a little skeptical about this series after the first episode, but it has won me over. I very much like the way it has expanded and explained some of the Arthurian legends. And this comes from a man whose favorite story since early childhood has been that of Arthur and his knights. I am prepared to attack anyone who screws it up, but they have not. They have aggrandized and even added some delicious aroma to the Arthurian stew. Their version of the story is different, yet somehow consistent. I really liked the current episode about Excalibur. Merlin actually obtains the sword in unpleasant circumstances, at the cost of two lives, but lies to the knights when he returns, spinning a tale by using some of the fabric of reality, but embellishing it with a heapin' helpin' of gratifying bullshit. We are familiar with the lie he tells Arthur and the knights.

Someone has finally found the perfect role for Eva Green. She was born to play a beautiful villainess. She has exactly the right look for it, and exactly the right voice. She has always been too far off-kilter and more than a little stiff as a leading lady, and she has always seemed vaguely cruel and sinister even when she wasn't supposed to. As a villain, however, she is realizing her potential to command the screen.


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A Snake of June


Asuka Kurosawa clips

samples below



2004 is the theme for this contribution.


Some nice nakedness by Juliette Lewis in Blueberry aka Renegade (2004) who shows the lot.


Vahina Giocante shows her breasts.

Bring It on Again

No nudity in the sequel Bring It on Again (2004). Anne Judson Yager is in her underwear,


as are some women not identified.

The Butterfly Effect

Jacqueline Stewart shows the lot when she gets out of the shower in The Butterfly Effect (2004).

Amy Esterle shows her breasts.

Amy Smart

and Tara Wilson are sexy.


No nudity in Catwoman (2004). Halle Berry is very sexy in the Catwoman costume


and Sharon Stone shows a lot of cleavage.

Cruel Intentions 3

The topless nudity in Cruel Intentions 3 (2004) is by Elizabeth McDonald

and Tara Carroll.

Other lovely females include Kristina Anapau,



Melissa Yvonne Lewis

and Natalie Ramsey.

A Dirty Shame

There is full frontal nudity in A Dirty Shame (2004) by Susan Allenbach.

A couple of unidentified women also show some nudity.

Selma Blair is wearing a pair of giant, prosthetic knockers, and I have included a movie of

El Padrino

There is brief topless nudity El padrino (2004) by Ileanna Simancas.

Jennifer Tilly shows considerable cleavage

and the rest of the women are very easy on the eye: Adriana Millan,

Numa Perrier,

Onahoua Rodriguez

and some not identified.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

No visible nudity in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004).

Kirsten Dunst is topless but is facing the wrong way so that all we get is a little side-boobage.

Kate Winslet is down to her underwear.


Again, no visible nudity in Fascination (2004).

The best we get are some pokies by Alice Evans


and Jacqueline Bisset.

A Good Woman

Lots of cleavage in A Good Woman (2004) by Helen Hunt

and Scarlett Johansson.

Head in the Clouds

Charlize Theron is nicely topless in Head in the Clouds (2004).


So is Penelope Cruz but she faces the wrong way.

Linda Tomassone is also supposed to naked but we see nothing.

I've included movies of the scenes:

Homeland Security

Homeland Security (2004) shows Megan Gallagher in her underwear.

If Only

Likewise in If Only (2004) where we see lots of Jennifer Love Hewitt in her underwear.


Imaginary Heroes

Suzanne Santo is in her underwear in Imaginary Heroes (2004).

Jiminy Glick in Lalawood

Jiminy Glick in Lalawood (2004) shows some nice cleavage by Elizabeth Perkins.

Knuckle Sandwich

The nudity in Knuckle Sandwich (2004) comes from a topless flasher.

Brooke Burke is topless but lying face down.

Andrea Andes shows a bit of cleavage.

The Last Ride

The Last Ride (2004) shows lots of cleavage by Nadine Velazquez.


Some brief nipple shown by Patricia Velasquez in Mindhunters (2004)

Out of Reach

No real nudity in Out of Reach (2004) just lots of unidentified half-dressed prostitutes strutting their stuff.


Missy Doty shows her nipple in Sideways (2004) but you probably won't want to know about it.

Sandra Oh is supposed to be only half dressed but you cannot tell.

Surviving Christmas

Cleavage by Catherine O'Hara in Surviving Christmas (2004).

The Last Shot

Calista Flockhart is in her underwear in The Last Shot (2004)

and Toni Collette flashes a bit of breast.

Wild Roomies

Lots of topless women in Wild Roomies aka Roomies (2004): Candace Sibley,

Crystal Lett,

Miranda Bailey

and Tricia A. Cruz.

Jennifer Lyons shows some butt but it is a body double.


The other women look good: Dana Barron,

Holly Fields,


Jennifer A. Barlow,

Lisa Brenner

and some not identified.


Kirsten Dunst is very sexy in Wimbledon (2004).

A couple of other women are half dressed watching the tennis.

As an aside, the two men they are with are Hamish and Andy, who are a very well-known comedy duo in Australia. I have also seen them a couple times on the Leno show.



Film Clips

Marie-Josee Croze in Un balcon sur la mer (2010; see below)

Cristin Milioti in Year Of The Carnivore (2009)

Anne Caillon and Laura Smet in UV (2007; see below)

Isabella Ferrari in Amatemi (2005; see below)

Renata Dancewitz in Devilish Education (1995; see below)

Mariel Hemingway in Creator in 1080p (1985; see below)

Virginia Madsen in Creator in 1080p (1985; see below)

The women of Superchick (1973): Candy Samples, Uschi Digard, and Joyce Jillson



Hannah Mangan Lawrence in X (2011; Not good quality. Photographs of a computer screen. But all we have at the moment.)

Irene Jacob in The Double Life of Veronique (1991). Gorgeous!

Yara Lex in Lana (1964)