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TV Land

Kind of a "Hankster Light" day today.

From TV Land we have Heidi Montag visiting Leno on the "Tonight Show." Heidi puts on a leg & thigh show with some great cleavage thrown in. Caps with an HD clip.



Police Academy 4


A quickie from Leslie Easterbrook in "Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol" with some wet-shirt see thru. Caps with a short HD clip.






Meg Ryan film clip

(Minimal nudity. Samples below)





Johnny Moronic's comments:

"Penance just about has everything I hate, except for lots of pretty girls naked. Anyway, a well-meaning woman with a sick child makes a video of herself for a reality TV show in the hope of making $20,000 and going a long way towards helping out. When that doesn't pan out, she turns to the easy money of stripping with the help of her high school friend, a stripper herself. After a good start, her friend pushes her into a stripping gig that is incredibly weird at an abandoned mental hospital in front of a bizarre 'Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS' style group with a couple of other strippers. Then the 3 strippers are poisoned and wake up locked in rooms of the hospital and are forced to give 'penance' to some military style leader who wants to redeem the strippers and will do so with an extreme genital circumcision/sew up.

OK, that's enough plot description but the movie is filmed through the point of view of the camera holder, to which there are various of and us different cameras and this doesn't make a lick of sense. How can video from two different cameras be edited together? And why did they let the girl keep the camera after they imprisoned her? I hate those from the point of view of the cameraman/woman films because the camera person is a selfish arsehole who would rather film than help out. I'd ram the camera up there arse in reality. Apart from that, there's no tension in this film at all. No-one seems to care that tens of strippers have disappeared off the face of the Earth or that they are not told of the place they are the strip and blindly follow a somewhat creepy looking man (Tony Todd, who else?). Or the rather cynical words about how genital circumcision is bad in the end. I wouldn't have bothered with this film if it wasn't for the girls. I'm still wondering why I did..."

Marieh Delfino film clip (collages below)

Eve Mauro film clip (collages below)

Sita Young and Katherine Randolph (collages below)



Morann Peri film clip (no collages)





The women of Ratko: Ildiko Ferenczi

The women of Ratko: Angela Fong

The women of Ratko: Luscious Lopez

The women of Ratko: Olivia O'Lovely

The women of Ratko: Lucia Oskerova

The women of Ratko: Rucca Page



Film Clips

Mary Louise Weller in Animal House in HD. When I think of Belushi, which I do less and less as his memory fades, the two things I recall are his Joe Cocker impersonation and this scene.

The women of Chloe: Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore, both women together

Tisha Campbell in The Last Place on Earth

Jewel in Ride With the Devil in HD.