Fallo (2003)

Part 4, episode "Botte d'allegria"

Fallo is the latest movie from Tinto Brass, the czar of Italian medium-core erotica. The Tint-man is 73 now, and directed his first film way back in 1963, but is still up to his old tricks. This particular effort is a collection of six short stories, and some of them are pretty damned sexy. They are similar in imagination and romanticism to the best Zalman King erotica, but without the infernal teasing and excessive camera movement that almost always causes Zalman to disappoint. Tinto, unlike Zalman, not only promises the goods, he also delivers them.

Today's story is Botte d'allegria, and our erotic star is Angela Ferlaino. This is not one of the better episodes in the film - just straightforward and rather unimaginative sex scenes in uninspiring locales.

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I found a clip of Genevieve Bujold in "Kamouraska" and made three caps. I also had a cap by Swain that I included here. These are the first caps I have ever made. Hope you like them.

Genevieve Bujold

 Scoop's note: Like 'em a lot.  I've never seen the scene or the movie, so it's a real treat.


Little Fish (2005)

Little Fish is one of those films that seem custom-made for Sundance. It's about homosexual heroin addicts who work in video stores. The only thing that keeps it from being a Sundance legend is that it doesn't have any angels.

It does have an excellent cast of Aussies and Kiwis, led by Cate Blanchett, Agent Smith and Sam Neill. It looked like it might have been pretty good, the IMDb score is good (7.4), and the critics seemed to like it (78 at Metacritic), but I'm just not into unrelentingly harrowing and downbeat stories about junkies, so I fast-forwarded to Blanchett's nudity

Cate Blanchett


Cyber Wars (2004)

Also known as Avatar, it is a sci-fi film made in Singapore with a mix of Asian and European actors. It has a very colorful texture and an occasional touch of cinematic poetry, but the script was not of the same caliber as the photography. In fact, the script wasn't even up to the caliber of MY photography, and I only own an old Polaroid SX-70. The film is rated in the threes at IMDb, which seems about right to me.

On the bright side, Genevieve O'Reilly is attractive, and did a very brief topless flash. (The film is rated PG-13)

Genevieve O'Reilly


Stoned (2005)

This is the pseudo-historical story of how Brian Jones helped to found the Rolling Stones, how he was soon fired from the very band he helped create, and how he did just weeks after being sacked. One reviewer wrote, "Lots of sex and drugs, very little rock 'n roll." It opened about two weeks ago in six theaters in NY, LA, Chicago and SF. It went nowhere. Three of the six theaters didn't even hold it over for a second week.

It had opened last November in the UK, and is already out on Region 2 DVD.

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  • Tuva Novotny (1, 2)

  • Monet Mazur (1, 2)

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Movie Reviews:

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"Der Ruf der blonden Goetten"

Der Ruf der blonden Goetten (1977) or The Call of the Blonde Goddess is also often known as Voodoo Passion, and IMDb calls it Porno Shock. I am not even going to try to sort out the different names and versions of this Jess Franco Haitian offering, but the version I screened was the original Swiss version, hence the title. Ada Tauler comes to Haiti to be with her husband, the ambassador. The welcome with topless Haitian dancers pleased her, the house is more than she could have hoped, but the household is a little odd. First, there is this severe personal secretary (Nanda Van Bergen), and the house is full of Voodoo artifacts, and then she finds Karine Gambier in her husbands bed. Gambier introduces herself as the husbands sister, but Tauler is not convinced. She starts having terrifying dreams, where she is sure she has killed people, but her husband convinces her they are just dreams, influenced by the voodoo on the island.

That is pretty much the plot, other than the last minute ending, which I won't spoil. The film is nearly non stop full frontal and rear nudity from Ada Tauler, Nanda Van Bergen and Karine Gambier, as well as native men and women. Highlights include gynocam views of Tauler and Gambier, Gambier getting amorous with a champagne bottle, and a girl/girl bath scene between Gambier and Tauler. The women are lovely, and the cinematography was wonderful, but I frankly could have used a little more plot time.

IMDb readers say 4.4, based on only 46 votes. No telling which version of the film they are voting on. This DVD could well be the best looking nudity I have seen on DVD, which is saying a lot. Some of the camera work is outstanding, including some back-lit scenes, and some multiple reflection mirror shots. Franco pulled out all the stops for the nudity, and the simulated sex was convincing enough that I was not always sure it was simulated. The fake blood looked very fake. This is a must for Jess Franco fans. The rest of you need to decide if 82 minutes of sex and female nudity is worth the watch. This is a C. Points deducted for plot, but added back for image quality. Tuna

Ada Tauler

Karine Gambier


Today we have a few babes in scenes from "Species 2".

Felicia Deel, playing a topless dancer.

Raquel Gardner is topless while in bed.

Natasha Henstridge...kind of a "Babe in Bondage" scene with a nasty looking chest then topless in a love making scene before turning into a hideous monster.

Nancy La Scala, topless in bed.

Sarah Wynter,also topless in bed, but skip the last cap if blood bothers you.

'Caps and comments by Dann:

"H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds"
In 2005, three versions of War of the Worlds were released. One was a blockbuster starring Tom Cruise, and it pretty much stole the show, although many viewers were disappointed.

This version, while lacking as many dazzling special effects, was in some ways, better. It was modernized, but in many ways, more faithful to the original than the blockbuster version, and C. Thomas Howell was more believable as the man trying to escape the aliens and re-unite with his family.

This version, which still shows aliens wreaking havoc, focuses mostly on the various people wandering around dazed, trying to escape with their lives. All in all, I liked it better than the blockbuster version. Of course, none of these versions compare to Gene Barry in the original 1953 movie.

Tinarie Van Wyk-Loots

Today the Ghost...a few 'caps from an episode of "Hotel Erotica Cabo". Both ladies bare almost all (pubes are just out of sight). First Molinee Green gets it on with some dude, and then with Nikki Nova.

Molinee Green

Molinee Green and Nikki Nova

From the Skin-man...the awlays amazing Charlotte Ayanna working the brass pole like a pro in scenes from "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" (2000).