WhyScan's Page Three Report
Yesterday: Holly, 21, from Greys, Essex. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Gold is Lu Varney, from November 6, 1984.

Requested is Diane Willoughby, from 1991-1985. One more of Debbie Cummins

Blinky's Runway Report
Naomi Campbell (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) 1 and 6 are nip-slips; 3,4 and 7 are see-through.
Naomi Campbell Naomi again! This time in "Prisoner of Love"
Bernadete Penotti in The "Sopranos"
Charlotte Gainsbourg in "Love, Etc"
Julie Strain in "Bikini Squad".
Maureen Flaherty in "Bikini Squad".
El Kabong
Catherine McCord (1, 2, 3) Cheesecake of the Loveline babe in the new may-june FHM
unknown (1, 3) first from Travel & Leisure. Second from Glamour.
Jennifer Lopez (1, 2, 3) three from a Scandinavian magazine called M! The second one is a particularly skimpy bikini - I really like the picture, but I gotta warn ya - it's 500k!
words and pictures fromRoSSoL
History Is Made at Night, but luckily for us Irčne Jacob gets naked in the broad daylight. This romantic indie thriller by Ilkka Järvilaturi partially misses the mark, but it is still entertaining and more important, it shows us some skin. Irčne Jacob seems to get naked in all of her films. Great attitude - I love actresses who besides their acting talents aren't shy to show their other assets as well!

An American spy (Bill Pullman) and a Russian spy (Irčne Jacob!) are lovers but still work for their own governments. This doesn't stop them spending some quality time between - and on top of - the sheets as is seen here. Irene in front.

Of course there is a sauna in the film that mostly takes place in Finland. But Irčne obviously doesn't like to get spanked after all! Or maybe just not by Bill Pullman and/or not in front of the rolling camera...

So she chases Bill from the sauna out to arctic climate... And a little swim. What do we learn from this? Don't spank your lady in the sauna if you don't want to end up jumping into the icy water - and we all know what that does to a man, don't we? (1, 2)

Too bad that we don't get to see her butt better. But not to worry - a rerun of my earlier submission comes to rescue. And a lovely ass it is (the one on the RIGHT!)

And in case someone wonders - Bill and Irčne did this scene themselves. In the interview Irčne told that she had actually liked the sauna part - but did all she could that she wouldn't have to jump into the lake more times than necessary...

And finally another lesson to learn from this film: Ilkka Järvilaturi shows us how to be in the Finnish sauna - you sit there naked and not wrapped in the towel! Remember that.

Expect more captures when this film is soon out on video. These were just about all there was of Irčne, but there will be naked other ladies, the most interesting one being Linda Gyllenberg, a young Finnish cutie.

The Night
Jose Way (1, 2, 3, 4) In "The Indecent Woman". I was told she lived in Dallas, but I looked in the phone book and there was no Way, Jose.
Shannon Whirry, In "Private Obsession".
Lorri Bagley, In "Trick". There is an mpg of this in the members' area. A larger one will appear on crow's site as he is able to load.
Shauna O'Brien in "Girls of the B Movies". From DonBun
Sarah Jessica Parker in "Sex and the City", from Elliffen. The facts that she played Annie and doesn't get naked are raising her to almost incomprehensible heights on the irritation scale. Five more points and she passes Mary Lou Retton on her way to Ross Perot and Howard Cosell levels.
Marion Michael in "Liane of the Jungle". From UC99.
Marion Michael in "Liane of the Jungle". From UC99.
Marion Michael in "Liane of the Jungle". From UC99.
Marion Michael in "Liane of the Jungle". From UC99.
Marion Michael in "Liane of the Jungle". From UC99.
Catherine Keener in "The Real Blonde". From cambo.
Chloe Webb in "Tales of the City". From The Honte
Chloe Webb in "Tales of the City". From The Honte
Bobbie Phillips in "Die Abzocker", from Celeblover
Eva Habermann in "Der Pfundskerl", from Celeblover
Liliana Saldana in "Sternschnuppe", from Celeblover
Sabrina Staubitz in "German GQ"
Sabrina Staubitz in "German GQ"
Helena Christensen with aureolae exposed on the runway

Members Bonuses

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"Surf Nazis Must Die", from Tuna

Movie makin' at its finest! Troma films can sometimes be forgiven their sins for their good-humored self mockery, and sometimes even for some dramatic punch. This one has a decent concept, one of the greatest titles in film history, and some laughs, but it sinks really deep under the weight of no budget, no tension, no performers. Great posters, though! I owned one myself at one time. thumbnails Cristina Garcia (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Dawn Wildsmith (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Karan Hanson

"The Woman Next Door", from Tuna

A woman moves next door to the great love of her life - but both of them are now married to others. They start a destructive relationship headed for doom, and they can't break it off and cut the damage - a movie in the same line of thematics as "Damage" and "The Night Porter". Francois Truffaut film starring his wife, Fanny Ardant, and .... well, it's a French movie, so I think you can guess what ubiquitous French actor played her lover. thumbnails Fanny Ardant (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Michele Baumgartner

new from GR

Catherine Zeta Jones. Paparazzi from a recent Sleuth Clio Goldsmith. In "The Cricket". I have never seen scenes from this movie before. Pam Grier. In "The Big Doll House" The Wily Beaver

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