TV Round-Up

The season premiere of Californication had no nudity at all.

Episode two had only some plumbers' crack from Tara Holt.

Rachel Nicks did a topless scene in the season six premiere of Nurse Jackie


Various things related to Naked News

I looked at all eight episodes of Naked News Uncovered, which is a reality show about the making of Naked News and the current effort to build its subscriber base. These segments were interesting to me:

General chaos seen in episode two

Victoria Sinclair and Erica Stevens wait for producers to correct an ill-conceived idea (episode four)

Lucy, one of the audition candidates, turns out to be an explicit webcam performer (episode four)


I also looked at the April 13th episode of Naked News. There were two interesting segments:

Four of the anchors (StJohn, Priestly, Adams, Olenski) competed in naked beer pong.

The Russian anchor, Natasha Olenski, tried to hit a baseball - with hilarious results.

There was one weird contradiction between the reality show and the actual Naked News broadcast: the producer fired Natasha Olenski in the final episode of the reality show, but she is obviously re-hired and getting more screen time than ever. I find her the least appealing of the anchors, and can't understand why they would have re-hired her.

Bonus: here are two pics of Peyton Priestly, possibly the most beautiful of the anchors

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TV/Film Clips

Dounia Coesens in La disparue du Pyla-2014-1080p

The women of Stacked Racks From Mars (2014) in 720p

Sophie Bella

Beverly Lynne

Erika Jordan and Christie Stevens

Gaite Jansen and Yootha Wong Loi Sing in Hoe Duur Was De Suiker (2013; TV; 1080p)

Clemence Bollet in Mobius (2013) in 720p

Anna Giles in Scrapper (2013) in 720p

Amy Seimetz in Horrible Way to Die (2010) in 720p

Maeve Dermody in Beautiful Kate (2009)

Raffaella Offidani in Castle Freak (1995) in 1080p


German supermodel Toni Garrn gets topless to hit the beach in Bora Bora with Leo DiCaprio

Cecily Strong downblouse from the most recent SNL