TV Recap

Game of Thrones


Various women teamed up to deflower a young squire. Full frontal nudity and gymnastics!

The Client List


Jennifer Love Hewitt did her usual thing

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s3, e7

Lucia Micarelli




Ivana Milicevic



Defoe's 1080hd clips for the week:

Victoria Abril in the s3e2 episode of Clem

Chloe Stefani and Armelle Deutsch in Henry IV (2009)



"Last Man Standing"

(2005 TV series)

Several Miriama Smith film clips (collages below)

Film Clips

Tenika Davis and various others in Wrong Turn 4 (2011) in 1080p

Raye Hollitt, the muscle girl who appeared on American Gladiators as "Zap," in Skin Deep (1989).
The quality is not so hot, but she is unusual, so I decided to use the clip.