Some guy posted about 150 meg worth of excellent HD caps (1920x1080) of the first season of Chemistry: nudes, sexy non-nudes, etc. Since this represents so many caps (more than 800), it makes no sense for me to post and thumbnail them, but if you want the entire collection, here ya go.

  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Sudden Impact



Lisa London



Amanda Costa: arms-over-boobs by Bail Enforcers star.

Aurora Chan aka Saori Sloan: actress full frontal.

Brandy Jaques: Goon star in lingerie.

Dakota MacLeod: Bail Enforcers star topless.

Drakaina: model with half her swimsuit up her crotch.

Hailey Riley aka Hailey Sin: Father's Day star sexy in stripper poster.

Hazel Lorraine aka Gia Gomez: full frontal as Naked News weatherbabe reporting that her Regina is hot.

Holly Halftone: arms-over-boobs by Father's Day star.

Julie Royer: gynocam by Bumrush star.

Jynx Vandersteen: Father's Day star topless.

Lise Rochon: Bumrush star topless but no nipples.

Kelsey Goldberg: top and bottom heavy stuntbabe sexy.

Misha Highstead aka Eila Adams: Naked News anchor trying out for the Lingerie Football League but she found the uniform too restrictive.

Rachel Blais: international supermodel in bikini. She's in the documentary Girl Model,

Rizi Marielle Macaranas: Bail Enforcers star in bikini.

Rose Greenwood: Bong of the Dead star featured in

Tanzyn Ambrose: Bong of the Dead star pregnant.

Tatiana: Cock'd Gunns guest star in see through blouse.

Tristan Risk aka Little Miss Risk: full frontal and lesbian some action from old yahoo fangroup.

Zoe Gamache: actress very sexy.


"Canada's Next Top Model"

reality series

Part of the competition for this series consists of the aspiring models posing for a boudoir shoot in various states of undress.

Alanna Shelast

Alexandra McCallum

Andrea Muizelaar

Cori MacKinnon

Dawn Buggins

Ebonie Finley

Gina Guimont

Heather Dorssers

Jacqueline Blackman

Maryam Massoumi

Mika Emme

Nikita Kiceluk

Sinead Brady

Sisi Wang

Sylvie Majcher

Tara Winspur

Ylenia Aurucci

Tenika Davis (2 pics)

As for launching acting careers you may remember Tenika Davis in her
breakout role as one of the lesbians in last year's Wrong Turn prequel.


Tia Sage in Seven Below (2012)

Emilia Komarnicka in 80 milionow (2011)

various women in Impulsos (2002)


Sasa Kastoura in Oi Apanthropoi (1976)

Susan May Pratt in Act Naturally (not yet released)

Addison Timlin (?) Not sure of the source.

Ryoko Watanabe in Debauchery (1983)