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Horror Rises from the Tomb


Today we have another long Time Machine trip to the seventies for Helga Line in "Horror Rises From the Tomb." Helga has a staggering 106 credits at IMDB and horror movies seemed to be her favorite genre. Here she has a kind of "Babe in Bondage" scene as she is hanging topless upside down from a tree and then some nice full frontal in the bedroom. Caps and a clip.

Then Helga and Paul Naschy seduce Christina Suriani whose breast is covered by Helga's hand. Helga is in a see through gown. Caps and a clip.




Lady Chatterley's Lover


Sylvia Kristel film clips

(samples below)





Only one film clip today (Alison Whyte here), but lots of collages, mostly non-nudes

Madeleine West


Alison Whyte




Annette Bening in The Grifters - brightened

Zeta in Allure's naked body issue

Arlana Blue in Millie's Homecoming (the last is from the special features)


Tina Russell in Millie's Homecoming (the last three are from the special features)

Vanessa del Rio in Millie's Homecoming (special features)

Dolly Sharp in Millie's Homecoming


Amanda Seyfried in Chloe

Julianne Moore in Chloe



Film Clips

Anna Kalaitzidou, Aggeliki Papoulia and Mary Tsoni in Kynodontas

Carla Hidalgo in Muertos de Risa

Oriane Bonduel in Victor Sauvage (sample below)

The women of the latest version of The Pit and the Pendulum:

Danielle Demski

Lorielle New