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Friends and Lovers


Here's what Tuna wrote about this film: "Scoopy was rather kind in awarding a D. Technically, it is not the worst film ever made, so it can't be an F, but I can't imagine how they could have done a worse job of making a film about attractive 20-somethings having sex."

Scoop's notes: Tuna and I reviewed this film nearly a decade ago. (Movie House notes on this film.) He was probably right in his comments above. Roger Ebert hated it as much as Tuna did.

Looking back on it now, the most interesting thing to say is that this crappy film demonstrates the depths to which Robert Downey, Jr's career descended in his druggie days - the horrible times between his youthful prodigy days in Chaplin and his rebirth in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man. I don't think I have ever given Downey a bad review. The guy is a true genius and a complete natural when the cameras roll. He's one of those guys, like Samuel L Jackson and Sam Elliott, that just brings his own unique take to every line, and can make even crappy movies fun to watch for a few minutes at a time. But if I had to choose one thing he should be embarrassed by, this movie would be it.

Alison Eastwood film clips (collages below)

Suzanne Cryer film clips (collages below)

Claudia Schiffer (non-nude) film clips (collages below)









Justine: In the Heat of Passion


A 'Babe in Bondage" for today from "Justine: In the Heat of Passion" we have Odette Miro topless and tied up. Caps and 3 clips.



TV Land

Over in TV Land Juliet Huddy is a little leggy on the "Morning Show". Caps and an HD clip.







Notes and collages

"Unhappily Ever After"

Nikki Cox at her ripest










Girls of Sunset Strip


Coming your way will be clips from a strip-and-wiggle disk called Girls of Sunset Strip. Not your typical fare in that the girls in question include a bunch of B-movie regulars. They would be Kim Dawson, Mimi Fallace, Monique Parent, Nenna Quiroz (who often gets cinema nekkid as Lisa Throw) and Tanya Poole.  And there is this other gal named Crystal Nelson. 

The disk suffers from one huge fault - stupid camera tricks.  Post-production editing added all sorts of unnecessary and obscuring features to the nekkid gals, as if the producers were attempting to show they could put out a work of cinematic art.  Sheesh.  I edited out that shit, leaving the gals in all their glory.

DVD bonus features included three clips of other disks in which Julie Strain. Lorissa McComas and Shauna O'Brien get down to their birthday suits.  With Kim, Julie, Lorissa and Monique, you have to figure this disk includes actresses in a few hundred B movies. 

Today: Crystal Nelson











This Sci-Fi from Spain offers non-stop excitement with a very clever time travel plot that has plenty of twists and turns along the way. While it involves a period of less than an hour, it really illustrates the Murphy's Law theory that anything that could go wrong will indeed go wrong. It has an English soundtrack which is a real plus, because sub-titles would make this movie very hard to follow.

Hector and his wife have just moved into a beautiful but isolated villa in the woods. He is sitting on his lawn viewing the woods through binoculars when he sees a young woman disrobing, and decides to investigate.

Hector finds the girl in the woods, completely naked and passed out against a rock. As he approaches the girl to help her, a man whose face is covered by a pink bandage jumps out and stabs Hector in the arm with scissors. Fleeing in terror and fearing for his life, Hector stumbles onto a secret facility where he discovers that the man who stabbed him is ... himself. From there, things get really crazy.

This is a very cool story that entertains from start to finish. I think that even non Sci-Fi fans will enjoy this one.

Barbara Goenaga







Former couple Moss and Depp, photographed by Leibowitz




Film Clips

Edwige Fenech film festival, part seventeen. 1981 edition. The final edition. She's about 33.

The latest episode of The Tudors (s3, e3): Charlotte Salt and Emma Hamilton

Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler - this time in HD!

Marta Etura in La Vida de Nadie

Elisabeth Rohm in The Kruezer Sonata. She turns 36 in a couple of weeks, but I don't think I've ever seen her nekkid before. You recognize her from Angel or, more likely, from her continuing role on Law and Order.