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The Turning

The Turning (1992) was made and then shelved until a fortuitous thing happened. One of the supporting players became famous. Not only that, but this long-forgotten property contained her only on-screen nudity until this year. The actress is Gillian Anderson, who showed breasts. This was a compelling enough reason to release the film in 1997, five years after it was made, but if not for the fortuitous convergence between the movie's Gillian Anderson  nudity and Gillian's subsequent fame on The X-Files, there would have been no release to vote on.

Raymond J. Barry returns to his home town in rural West Virginia. His drunken trailer trash mother has notified him that she and his philandering coal miner father are divorcing, because daddy has a new girlfriend. This goes against his white supremacist family values, so he resolves to go home and prevent the divorce. His training and experience as a Neo Nazi and KKK member inspires a somewhat unorthodox approach to this matchmaking. His father's new girlfriend, Tess Harper, who nailed her character, was tougher than he thought and equal to the challenge. Gillian played his former girlfriend in a small role, but one that facilitated much of his character development.

The subject, as American History X proved so well, is certainly fodder for compelling cinema, but this project was unable to shake its roots. This film covers some of the same ground as American History X, but owes its origins to a stage play, "Home Fires Burning," which dooms it from the start. I can see that the subject matter and intense but static scenes may have been compelling on a stage, especially in an intimate venue, but nothing about this screenplay was cinematic. A large part of the problem was the dialogue, probably lifted directly from the play, which was simply too large for the screen, and too flowery. Barry's character, by his own admission, was white trash. His supremacist propaganda rants could be explained by indoctrination, but the rest of his dialogue was far too flowery for poor white trash. Other characters suffered from the same stage prose problem.

As the only youthful nude appearance by an A list actress, this earns a C- for those of us interested in screen nudity, otherwise, the same themes have been covered much more effectively elsewhere.

IMDB: 3.1

It was released in Region 4, and in a much smaller USA all-region release. has a limited quantity of this rare and usually expensive all-region DVD for sale. Click on the image for info.

(Original US Release) The Turning DVD Gillian Anderson (1997)



Gillian Anderson shows breasts briefly in their reunion fuck.


Scoop's note:

Gillian finally has a second topless scene. The Straightheads will come out in the UK on April 27th. Here's a sample.










Drive Me Crazy


No nudity in the teen flick Drive Me Crazy (1999). It's mainly bikinis and underwear by

Melissa Joan Hart

Ali Larter

Keri Lynn Pratt

and Susan May Pratt.



Just Friends


It's the same again in Just Friends (2005), but this time by

Amy Smart

and Anna Faris.



Open Hearts


Sonja Richter shows a bit in the Danish movie Open Hearts (2002) aka Elsker dig for evigt. There's even a hint of pubes. (Film clip)






Plenty of nakedness in Go (1999), mainly by the well-known B-movie actresses

Nikki Fritz (film clip with Tane McClure)

and Tane McClure.

There is also nudity shown by

Katharine Towne (film clip with Marisa Morell)

Marisa Morell

and some unknowns.

Sarah Polley strips off down to her underwear. (Film clip)



Arsène Lupin


There's some brief nipple exposure by Kristin Scott Thomas as she is rescued from drowning in the French film Arsène Lupin (2004). (Film clip)





The main nudity in Class (1983) comes from a brief flash of Virginia Madsen's big boobs.

Jacqueline Bisset is down to her underwear and looks very nice.



Imagine Me & You


A brief upskirt by Piper Perabo in Imagine Me & You (2005).





Posse (1975) is an above-average western with an ending that's a little different. Katherine Woodville has her top off and we see from behind with her nipple poking out.



In Another League


In Another League (2005) aka Ein Andere Liga is another above average movie, despite being about soccer and women's soccer at that.

Karoline Herfurth plays a girl who has had a mastectomy for breast cancer, which explains some of the images. Prosthetics may be involved in a couple of the caps.  (Film clip)

Nikola Kastner bares her breasts. (Film clip)



Cero y van cuatro


Cero y van cuatro (2004) as an enjoyable, if gory, Mexican film.

Barbara Jiminez

Patricia Muñoz

and Gina Vilchis show their breasts.

Ana Ciocceti

and Martha Cristiana are forced to strip by a drugged-up robber.







Beautiful Target

Today is a "Babe in Bondage" day as we go across the sea for the Japanese movie Beautiful Target. Yoko Natsuki plays a Doctor/Policewoman who falls victim to a mad serial killer who ties up his victims and then rapes and kills them. Our heroine manages to escape when our bad guy is interrupted and flees. Caps and four clips.







German TV Update

Caps from 3 different German TV Movie/Series.

Patricia Lueger


Denise Zich



Anabelle Lachatte








Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 33

Season Four, Episode 17

Raelee Hill, s4 e14








Here is Kira Reed in the Better Sex video series performing some hardcore "sensual" massage action with her real life husband from








The new Duchovny comedy series for Showtime finally has a name other than "the untitled Duchovny series." The official name is "The Titled Duchovny Series." 

As I'll bet you've already guessed from the large print above, the real name is "Californication." This is the first set of images made from a high quality clip. As a quick reminder, Madeline Zima was the little girl on The Nanny.

The last collage is from a different imager ("The Rock").