WhyScan's Page Three Report
Yesterday: Ruth, 22, from Bolton. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Gold is Karen Clarke, from 17 April 1984.

Requested is Debbie Cummins, from 1992-1995. One more of Debbie Cummins

Also requested is Kathy Lloyd, from the early 90's. One more of Kathy Lloyd

Blinky's Runway Report
Carolyn Murphy (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) no transparent ones, but some translucent, especially #4, 5, 6.
Something offbeat
OK, don't laugh. Tuna did some 1024x768 captures from Wizard of Oz for his own collection, and he asked me if I wanted them. I figured -why the hell not? If there's anybody out there from another planet, let me tell you right now that the movie is rated G or something, so this is just for fun, not for flesh!!!! Tuna pointed out that it is about the best DVD package he has ever seen - tremendous quality, zillions of extra features, poster reporductions, stills, and the complete script - all for thirty bucks from Hey, I said no laughing! This site has a focus on movies, and this is one of the best, and one of my favorites as well.
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    Bobbie Phillips in "Die Abzocker". These are from a preview, but FR promised to tape the movie Tuesday.
    something new this week. Revealing scenes from music videos.
    Pam Anderson Methods of Mayhem, "Get Naked"
    Naomi Campbell George Michael, "Freedom"
    Cindy Crawford George Michael, "Freedom"
    Cindy Crawford George Michael, "Freedom"
    Janet Jackson "Every time"
    Madonna "American Pie"
    words and pictures fromICMS 2000
    Hello dear Scoopy!

    At last I'm back. I've got a new computer system and I'm still learning how to use the new equipment and software. These are the first experiments, things still have to improve. I had hoped to be back sooner but my computer was delivered too late and I had already given my old one to my dad. Thanks to UPS, which seems to work with outdated street maps I had to live for 5 days without Fun House! On the third day I had to see a psychiatrist but the aforementioned firm refuses to pay his bill :-). And then I still had to catch up with the back issues.

    A couple of days ago someone called Mortis(!) requested pics of deceased French actress Dominique Laffin on the messageboard. This actress died all too soon on June 12, 1985 at the age of 33. Here are six scans of Dominique: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). The first five come from the 1984 book "Passions" by French photographer Irina Ionesco. The sixth one comes from another book and shows the actress in a scene of the 1979 film "Tapage nocturne". The second picture is clearly a two page scan put together but I wasn't able to get the book completely flat and I could hardly cut the pages out of the book.

    Secondly let me show you, thanks to Andante and Scoopy as a go-between, a picture of Flemish writer and expert of the Dutch language Kristien Hemmerechts. She had this picture published in a magazine called "Nieuw Wereld Tijdschrift" ( New Global Magazine ; only 1500 copies per edition I think ). She did it as a protest against the ideal women portrayed in commercials etc. and wanted to show how a real woman looks. The magazine was founded by her late husband Herman De Koninck, a poet who died suddenly in May 1997 while presenting his new work in Lisbon, leaving behind Kristien and their children.

    Now it's time for something completely different. A Turkish girl from Leipzig, Germany wants to win a 250,000 German marks ( around $ 125,000 ) prize from a local radio station. The person with the most crazy idea wins the prize. Now what is this girl's idea ? Her idea is that during an entire week she will do everything stark naked. She'll go out in the streets naked, to the supermarket and so on. Even to City Hall if necessary she said ! As a preview and to attract attention for her idea she's walking around in Leipzig in minimalistic clothing which isn't evident in this time of year in Germany. When they filmed her it was even raining ! We can see her in a flower shop, in the streets, in a tram and in a pub. If she wins she'll have to drop the big flower and the short skirt. She said this puzzles her because then people will not only look at her breasts like now but at her entire naked body. As if she leaves much to the imagination now !

    Finally, a good reason why you shouldn't stay single for too long.

    The Night
    Saffron Burrows in "Deep Blue Sea" (1, 2, 3, 4, Nothing wrong with Saffron personally, but her batting average was kinda poor last year. I can't remember the last time someone was in three major disasters in one year. Not even Costner. She was in this one, "Sexual Innocence", and "Wing Commander".
    Kate Vernon in "Tales from the Crypt". From Celebrity Visions.
    Helen Mirren from "Caligula" - three new from Zononon Zor
    Toni Lee in "Rush Week" (Donbun)
    Angela Lindvall some aureola! from Vogue UK

    Members Bonuses


    "The Sweet Hereafter", from Tuna

    I haven't seen this film, or any Egoyan films. Tuna felt The Sweet Hereafter was a masterpiece, so he wrote an in-depth review. I ordered a copy after reading his review! His words follow:

    Director Atom Egoyan adapted Russell Banks' novel, The Sweet Hereafter, for the screen. He believes directing begins with writing the screen play, and only directs films that he writes. This is not the only unusual thing about his work. While he doesn't mind people who use a linear time sequence in films, he prefers to think of a film as an on-screen dream, where people slip effortlessly from past to future to present. Partially because of this, and because he avoids narrative voice-over (he sees that as the easy way out to convey the plot) you have to think to interpret his cinematic dreams. This has caused some to criticize him for being "too cerebral." Based on this film, and Exotica, he is one of my favorite directors, and I will be doing another of his films soon.

    A common theme in Egoyan's recent films is dealing with loss of a loved one. He says he is fascinated by the grieving process, and is hoping to understand it by making films about it. He also believes that the image is everything, and sees dialogue as much less important, so creates visually moving films, and employs actors who have the ability to covey information with body language and facial expressions. Anyone can shout "I hate you," but it takes talent to do this without speaking. Since he delivers his message in these ways, he privides time to think with a slower pace than those who employ linear time, a standard curve of excitement, and plenty of dialogue.

    The Sweet Hereafter was critically acclaimed, was nominated for numerous awards, and won many of them. This particular film also won public acceptance, and is ranked #178 in the top 250 films of all time by IMDB. It is the story of an attorney who goes to a small town that has suffered a nearly unimaginable tragedy hoping to recruit enough residents to win a huge award in a class action suit. The school bus for this rural town crashed, and nearly all of the town's children were killed. Only two survived -- the bus driver, and a teenager who had babysat for most of the kids who were killed. As the attorney attempts to get the grieving parents to retain him, we learn many of skeletons in the closets of the town people. The attorney is also dealing with a similar loss in his own life -- his daughter is a drug addict and essentially lost to him. He believes he can find a guilty person or entity to punish for the bus crash, much as he would like to find out why he lost his own daughter. Sure, he is an "ambulance chaser," but he is a dedicated one who honestly thinks he can help the parents channel their anger and grief.

    Any more would be a spoiler, and I hope you will see this film. The nudity is provided by the talented Alberta Watson, who is probably best known as Madeline in the TV series La Femme Nikita. Scoop's note: you may remember her excellent portrayal of the sexy, lonely mom who sleeps with her son in David O Russell's twisted black comedy, "Spanking the Monkey". (Russell is the same guy who directed "Three Kings")

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    "Mischievous", from Tuna

    I haven't seen this film, either, and in this case I suppose I never will. Tuna's review follows:

    Mischievous made me angrier than any soft-core porno in recent memory. Why? It wasted a great plot on no-talent actors. There is plenty of good looking flesh, some of it well lit, but this could have been so much more. A man engaged to be married attends his High School reunion, and reacquaints himself with the girls he traded dares with throughout High School. She has not changed, and he ends up in jail for indecent exposure and using an incendiary device. He can't resist her, and is drawn ever deeper into the adrenaline rush her games provide him. He loses his fiancee when she finds strange panties in his coat pocket, and loses his job when he has phone sex during a customer meeting with his boss present. She has much more serious things in mind for him. Any more would be a spoiler. This has a better plot than I Like To Play Games ... what a shame the acting isn't half as good.

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  • Julie Mantia (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
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