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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Sleep With Me



  Parker Posey

I was surprised to see that the former indie queen is now 43 years old. She kinda got old behind my back.

Memento mori.




Kasey Emas in Dragon Eyes (2012), this time in 720p

Atsuko Okatsuka in Littlerock (2010)

Linda Hardy in L'Ecole Du Pouvoir (2009)

Veerle Baetens in Loft (2008) in 1080p


Marie Vinck, also in Loft

Aure Atika in Au Bout Du Monde A Gauche (2004)

Ariadne Shaffer in Better Luck Tomorrow (2002)

former Bill Clinton girlfriend Elizabeth Ward Gracen in Discretion Assured (1993)

former Paul McCartney girlfriend Jane Asher in Deep End (1970)


For me this is the highlight of an otherwise slow day. New to me: Ray Dawn Chong stark naked behind the scenes in the "making of" featurette for Quest for Fire.

Stephanie Sigman in Miss Bala (2011; Mexico)

Krystal Vee in The Lazarus Papers (2010)

Beth Morris in episode eight of I, Claudius

Hitomi Kozue in True Story fo a Woman in Jail

Lara Stone collage

Raquel Zimmerman collage