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Fallo (2003)

Part 2, episode "Montaggio alternato"

Fallo is the latest movie from Tinto Brass, the czar of Italian medium-core erotica. The Tint-man is 73 now, and directed his first film way back in 1963, but is still up to his old tricks. This particular effort is a collection of six short stories, and some of them are pretty damned sexy. They are similar in imagination and romanticism to the best Zalman King erotica, but without the infernal teasing and excessive camera movement that almost always causes Zalman to disappoint. Tinto, unlike Zalman, not only promises the goods, he also delivers them.

Today's story is Montaggio Alternato, and our erotic stars are Federica Tomassi and Silvia Rossi.

Zipped .avis



Miscellaneous videos:

  • Geraldine Chaplin in Welcome to L.A. (Zipped .wmv) Clear full-frontal nudity in good light. This Alan Rudolph film has never come to Region 1 DVD, and it includes some very nice nudity.

  • Amanda Righetti in Angel Blade (Zipped .wmv). Haven't seen it. Looks like an erotic thriller in the Basic Instinct mode.

  • Julie Christie in Don't Look Now (Zipped .wmv). This is the first movie in my recollection which precipitated discussion about A-list stars actually "doing it" on camera. The sex scene is all arted up with cuts and edits, but the uncut raw footage would be the best special DVD feature ever!

  • Michelle Johnson in Body Shot. (Zipped .avi) Michelle was the incredible babe in Blame it on Rio. She lost her babeitude, but she still stripped down now and then.


Other Crap:

Exclusive Sneak Peek At New Tv Reality Show: REDNECK EYE FOR THE YANKEE GUY! (Weekly World News)

"A Swedish appeals court on Wednesday ruled that a TV station violated the artistic integrity of two filmmakers by interrupting their movies with commercial breaks."

  • One of the filmmakers died at the age of 81 Sunday at a Stockholm hospital.
  • Ironically, the cure for his illness was advertised in one of the commercials he refused to watch.

Japanese movie-goers will get to smell a Colin Farrell movie, which should make a great family Saturday when paired up with a visit to the Giant Pink Japanese Penis Festival.

Letterman: Top Ten Staffer Birthday Wishes For Me, Dave

Deal or No Deal > The Banker now has his own blog

Saturday Night Live skit: Deal or No Deal

The hyper-realistic sculpture of Ron Mueck (This guy is amazing.)

All the Google searches on one page.

Jacko may beat bankruptcy by selling off part of his music catalog

Judge bans snakes from bank. Plane still OK.

Another clip from The Notorious Bettie Page

Seven clips from Hard Candy

Eight clips from Scary Movie 4 -

Consecutive days without a rapper shot to death: 2

"U.S. TO SEND ONE TROOP TO IRAN" ... "Rumsfeld: Army of One Can Get it Done"

`South Park' Creators Skewer Own Network

  • "Banned by Comedy Central from showing an image of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, the creators of 'South Park' skewered their own network for hypocrisy in the cartoon's most recent episode."

Part 8 of Silent Bob's story of Jay's battle with addiction

VIDEO: Godzilla raps to Busta Rhymes - Woo Ha

Britney Spears dancing to To My Sister

  • "This is a video of Britney Spears during an April dance session featuring a new demo from her new album 'To My Sister (Little Me).' I don't want to say it's bad, but it looks like something the fat emo girl who sat in the back of highschool literature would make."

VIDEO: Carmen Electra rides the sybian on the Howard Stern Show

"NC State's Bitzer Wins Emmy Award for Plasma Screen Technology" - which he invented in 1964!

"American Idol's sweet innocent country girl, Kellie Pickler, may not be so innocent after all. Here is the now infamous Prom Picture which is now burning all over the net." (May be 'shopped.)

This week's movies (2800 screens):The Wild - 20% positive reviews

  • Only five reviews, but thumbs down from Variety, Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly. Even the one good review noted the "obvious plot similarities to Dreamworks' animated kid's movie Madagascar."

This week's movies (3600 screens): Scary Movie 4 - 57% positive reviews.

  • That 57% is "four out of seven," but some major reviewers were mildly positive. I expect it will do quite well, because people are always hungry for a decent comedy. They were even hungry enough to go to a David Spade movie.

"An object called the 10th planet by some astronomers is not as big as previously thought" ... turns out it is almost exactly the same size as Pluto.


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




The Women of Cell Block 9 (1977)

This is a nasty little WIP flick from Jess Franco. IMDb calls this one Tropical Inferno, but as near as I can tell, the original title in Switzerland was Frauen für Zellenblock 9. Tropical Inferno was evidently a US video release title. It can't be a title from the UK because their censors banned it completely for its nasty mix of violence and sexuality.

Karine Gambier is transporting a truckload of women through some undisclosed country that is supposedly in the middle of a revolution. She is stopped, and all of the women are detained. Three are left to the soldiers to be raped and killed, but Karine Gambier, Aida Gouveia and Esther Studer are taken prisoner by a very nasty female warden, and her doctor accomplice, Howard Vernon. The prison officials have no political leanings, and are just in it for the fun of torture.

The first damsel to be tortured is student Susan Hemingway, who was caught with subversive propaganda in her dorm room. She has been chained for days just out of the reach of water. She is brought in and made to give the warden head, and is then given Champagne, but with a dash of salt. She is then put in cell block nine along with the three captives, all held upright with manacles around their necks. All four women are stark naked, and remain so for the entire film, providing nearly unlimited full frontal and rear nudity. Each of the women is brought to the dungeon and tortured. Gambier is broken and gives the names of three of the resistance leaders. All four decide they must escape and save their comrades. The escape part is relatively easy, as they simply start up a four-way until they get a male guard interested in joining them.

Thus begins act three, with 4 stark naked women running through the jungle trying to escape.

This is straight-ahead nudity and torture in a WIP setting, and there is nothing complex about the story, but the transfer is wonderful, and the English dub was rather well done. On the negative side, Vernon certainly looked and acted the mad doctor, but I can't say I was enamored of his performance.

IMDb readers say 5.2, and it's a C on our scale because WIP fans will definitely want to view it.


Aida Gouveia
Esther Studer
Karine Gambier
Susan Hemingway






Let's get the rest of "Suburban Secrets" out of the way.

More Boobage from all.

Chelsea Mundae & A. J. Kahn have a little get together.

Porn veteran Tina Tyler takes her turn to show off the hooters.

Then Isadora Edison returns to have a little fling with Tina. And once again Isadora gives us a little flash of bush.





Tales from the Crypt - season three

Great stuff from Vejiita. Virtually every collage in here is either new to me or a vast improvement over previous efforts. Oh, DVD is a good thing.

Tina Bockrath in Abra Cadaver
Faye Grant in Spoiled (no nudity)
Marg Helgenberger in Deadline
Mariel Hemingway in Loved to Death

Michelle Johnson in Split Second
Roya Megnot in Easel Killya
Jacqylyn Moet in Mournin Mess
Vanity in Dead Wait







Annie Sprinkle in Boulevard Bio
Barbara Schoeneberger in Blitz
Dita von Teese in Blitz
Carroll Baker in Ab Morgan sind wir reich und erlich
Doreen Jacobi in Atemlose Liebe
Franziska Petri in Annas Fluch
Gracia-Maria Kaus on All My Daughters
Heather-Jane MacDonald in Zapped Again
Hilde Dalik in Frechheit siegt
Julia Stemberger in Der Koenig von St Pauli
Karoline Eichhorn in Kein Weg zurueck
Katharina Boehm in Commisario Montalbano
Michaela Schaffrath on Taff
Mischou Anderson in Single sucht Nachwuchs
Nina Hoger in Der letzte Zeuge
Paulina Porizkova in Thursday
Rosanna Arquette in The Wrong Man




Pat's comments in yellow...

Tuesday at the University of California at Berkeley, a group of students illustrated their refusal to wear university logo apparel made in overseas sweatshops by protesting in front of the president's office shirtless, in thongs or naked.  They said they have the power to "create an alternative model for the global garment industry."

*  Hey, those thongs were made in China!

The DaVinci Academy charter school in Ogden, Utah, sent out letters to celebrities, seeing someone to host their annual fundraising gala.  They were delighted when Jon Stewart agreed, and they began preparing for at least 900 guests.  Then, after months of negotiations, they finally realized they hadn't booked the "Daily Show" host but Jon A. Stewart, a former motivational speaker and part time pro wrestler from Chicago.  The embarrassed school officials canceled Stewart and offered refunds, but they are hoping people will still come to support the school and see local acts who have volunteered to fill in.

*  It was even worse last year: they booked a Rob Schneider, and it turned
out to really be Rob Schneider.


BIRTHDAYS - (Almanac) - Tony Dow, Wally on "Leave It To Beaver," is 61.

*  He Now Needs Viagra To Be Hard On The Beaver