TV Round-Up

Spaz covered all the Canadian goodies, as usual, in his section below.

Johnny Moronic covered Dead Point, the most recent adventure of Jack Irish, in his own section below. This is the latest in a series of Australian made-for-TV neo-noir movies adapted from the detective novels of Peter Temple. The title role is played by Guy Pearce, who is familiar to Americans from his roles in L.A. Confidential, Mildred Pierce, The King's Speech, Iron Man 3, and many others. This actually aired Sunday evening in Australia. (Sydney is 17 hours ahead of Los Angeles.)

Jack Snow covered the latest adventure of Komissarin Heller, Tod am Weiher

Lisa Wagner

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.

Tanya X

The final show for this weekend is part two of the web series Tanya X. Tanya X is played by Beverly Lynne who is the girl from the Bureau of International Knowledge Intelligence and Nonstandard Investigations (B.I.K.I.N.I.). It’s available on the web or on DVD. The 12 shows are all short, only about 12 minutes each and most of that consists of nakedness.

Episode 7 Hitting the Mattresses (2011)

Beverly Lynne

Episode 8 Lap Dance at BB's (2011)

Kylee Nash

Episode 9 Tanya Meets Big Balls (2011)

Christine Nguyen

Episode 10 Libido Enhancement (2011)

Monique Parent

Episode 11 Truth or Dare (2011)

Beverly Lynne

Kylee Nash

Episode 12 It Ends in a Smokin' Hot Three-Way (2011)

Beverly Lynne

Christine Nguyen

Happy Face Killer

(2014; TV movie)

Another true crime television movie about a serial killer.

Stefanie von Pfetten: partial boob in sex scene.

Vanessa Walsh: partial boob as hooker then bra and panties, dead

Emily Haine: fully clothed sex, bra and panties dead afterwards.

Jordana Largy: cleavage as baby mama hooker.

Mittita Barber: bra and panties as dead hooker.

Crystal Mudry: sexy but dead as hooker.

Karyn Mott: sexy as hooker.

April Telek: very sexy and top heavy as receptionist.

Gloria Reuben: sexy as FBI agent.

Small, Stupid, and Insignificant

(2010; short)

... is no way to go through life, as the late Dean Wormer would say.

Tara Nicodermo: bra and panties.


(2012; le short)

My only French offering this week.

Marianne Thomas: breasts as hooker in sex scene.

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse: very sexy as hooker.


Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse: star from Quebec's Unité 9 television series very sexy. She just landed a role in the upcoming lesbian web series Féminin/féminin.


season 2

From the I've-seen-that-butt-before department.

Pamela Mars: she's the hooker at the top of the stairs. (s2e01)

Pamela Mars: showing butt and partial boob as uncredited hooker. (s2e02)


Pamela Mars: butt pics.

Pamela Mars: nude in twitter titter selfie.


 season 2

Christina Schimmel: nude as victim. (s2e01)


Christina Schimmel: very sexy.

"Bates Motel"

season 2

Paloma Kwiatkowski: bra and panties as Norman's girlfriend. (s2e05)

Olivia Cooke: bra and panties finally having sex. (s2e05)

Paloma Kwiatkowski: bra and panties swimming in waterhole. (s2e06)

Olivia Cooke: bathing suit. (s2e06)

Kathleen Robertson: partial boob having sex. (s2e06)


season 2

AJ Michalka: nude under sheet as stiff in morgue. (s2e05)

"Working the Engels"

episode: "Meet Irene Horowitz" (s1e05)

American Pie's Eugene Levy waited nearly four decades for this opportunity, a chance to honk his SCTV co-star's boobs.

Andrea Martin: getting honked by Eugene Levy.

Sarah Levy: Eugene Levy's real-life daughter is very sexy.

Last but not least....

Lady Vezina: actress/model is nude and very pregnant in this non-retouched photo revealing her large areolae.

Jack Irish: Dead Point

(2014; Made-for-TV)

Kate Beahan film clip (samples below)

Marta Dusseldorp film clip (samples below)

Tess Haubrich film clip (no nudity, but peekaboo lingerie; samples below)

The Sleeping Dictionary


Emily Mortimer film clip in 1080p (collage below)

"Secrets and Lies"

(entire series)

Johnny's comments:

Well, now that the series is over, what can I say? Secrets & Lies has a fantastic, gut-wrenching ending, but it takes a helluva lot of mediocrity and melodrama to get there. Ben Gundelach (Martin Henderson) is the marathon man, always running, desperately trying to save himself by accusing everyone else, which make him not only a neighbourhood favourite, but much loved at home... To be honest, Ben was never going to be the killer, mainly because it would have taken one massive twist to make his actions convincing otherwise. There probably needed to be more clues given along the way as it seemed to be lengthy periods between decent clues. The ever-present detective (Anthony Hayes), Javert-like in Ben's life, humouring Ben's wild accusations, wants to desperately arrest Ben, but can't find the evidence to do so. The ending is such a gut-punch, that I highly doubt that the American series would go with it (I'm happy to be wrong). Looking through the series again, that character's behaviour is something to behold, far more troubling than before you know what they did. It's shame the series spends to much time on the red herrings, I'm sure it could've been a bigger hit, well maybe a different network would've helped.

And I definitely didn't pick the killer...

Adrienne Pickering collages

TV/Film Clips

Cecile de France and Flore Bonaventura in Chinese Puzzle (2013) in 720p

de France


Holly Lynch in Ambushed (2013) in 720p

Leni Lan in 3D Sex And Zen (2011) in 720p

Florence Thomassin in L'instinct de mort (2008) in 1080p

Hop in the wayback machine for Genevieve Bujold in Coma (1977) in 1080p


A few new HD captures of Jenny Agutter in Equus