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"Beverly Hills Bordello: Wish List"


A couple decides that his birthday present will be to screw another woman with his wife watching, a job tailor-made for the bordello. The wife balks somewhat, but finally watches from another room through a two-way mirror. Afterwards, she struggles with jealousy until he allows her the same enjoyment. She does another man, and he watches.

This is nicely acted and photographed.

Madison Morrow


Monique Parent









Nightmare Man


Today we present a little horror with one of the so called "eight films to die for."

Some people liked the flick. I hated it.


Blythe Metz has her top torn open by the monster revealing her "Big Un's".




No nudity from Hanna Putnam, but she did get a new bra for her "Tiny Tots".



After Tiffany Shepis also shows off her new bra, she too gets her top ripped off by the monster.

Somehow Tiffany always finds a way to lose her clothes in her screen appearances.







Notes and collages

Full Body Massage


part 4 of ?

Mimi Rogers


Full Body Massage DVD Mimi Rogers (1995)

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Sasha Cohen in Secret Talents of the Stars.

Not much of a talent, but a lot more fun to watch than Mr. Sulu singing


Angela Lindvall in a "making of" thingy


Vintage clips:

The woman of Almodovar's Talk to Her (2002): Leonor Watling, Paz Vega, and Elena Anaya

The women of Future-Kill (1985): Karin Kay, and Denice Creach

The women of Un Rey en la Habana (2005): Yoima Valdes and Paulina Galvez

A great nude scene: Emily Mortimer stark naked in Lovely and Amazing (2001)

Kim Poirier in Decoys (2004)

Natasha Richardson in Asylum. (2005) Her last nudity, to my knowledge, and about 13 years after the previous one. In the intervening years her body got remodeled.


Clips from New Films

The women of Born (2007): Allison Brie , Azalea Davila, and The Costello sisters

The women of Kinky Killers (aka Polycarp, 2007): Brooke Lewis, Beverly Lynne, Allison Whitney, and Mary O'Rourke. In what must be an embarrassment for both of them, this film stars Charles Durning and Michael Par.

Two women from Backwoods (2008), with sample collages: Virginie Ledoyan and Aitana Sanchez-Gijon (left collage).

The women of The Story of Richard O (2007). I haven't seen this, but it must consist of non-stop nudity. Our kind of film. An imager named Herve431 did a lot of work in identifying all these women and creating separate clips for each! Shiloh took on the job of making the sample collages. Film clips left, samples right. You can see some additional collages from this film in Charlie's French Cinema Nudity update this week.
Alexandra Sollogoub
Caroline Demangel
Elise Receveur
Eve Bitoun
Gwenaelle Vaultier
Lucie Borleteau
Ludmilla Ruoso
Rhizlaine el Cohen
Sylvia Eland
Tiara Comte
Valerie Bert