As usual on Friday, Charlie's French Cinema Nudity Site is updated. Big edition. Two new movies and some nudity classics from the 80s and 90s.


Duos sur canapé

Most people are familiar with Lorraine Bracco primarily from her recurring role on The Sopranos, but she's had a long career in films, starting with this French-language 1979 flick. She showed plenty of T&A in her film debut, and looked especially good in the A department.


Lorraine Bracco (film clip)



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Sensation (1995) is an erotic thriller staring Kari Wuhrer as a college student (she was 28 at the time) with special psychic abilities. She takes a job for a professor who believes that all objects contain vibrations of everything that has happened around them. He hopes to prove this, and finally earn tenure. Kari's task is to hold objects, and tape impressions about the owner of the objects. She soon senses a girl her age, whom, it turns out, was dating the professor, and who was murdered. The professor is the best suspect for the murder, but the police didn't have enough evidence.

Kari becomes somewhat obsessed with the job, and even moves into the dead girl's apartment. She is convinced that the professor didn't do it, as was I. It is simple logic. He believes in the psychic phenomenon so much that he has staked his tenure on it. In that case, why would he hire a psychic student to solve a murder he committed?

They go on to introduce several red herrings, but they were too obvious to be the murderer, leaving only one cast member as the probable suspect.

Even though the plot is predictable, this is a strong C-. I liked some of the photography very much, and consider a naked Kari Wuhrer a positive in any film. Genre fans and Kari fans will want to see it.

IMDb readers say 5.1.

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Alise Diane as the victim shows breasts during Kari's visions.



Claire Stansfield, as the professor's main squeeze, shows breasts.




Kari Wuhrer shows breasts, buns, and a hint of bush.









Body Shots

A little change of pace today.  Tara Reid with some breast exposure in 1999's Body Shots as the sex gets a little rough.








Déjà Vu

I think I saw the trailer once and it was just music and you didn't knew what the hell the movie was about. So when I started watching this, I didn't knew anything about it. I thought it was about a cop who was going to get a case and then he was going to start having deja vu here and there

I was completely wrong.

The movie made me remember a friend with whom I saw "Enemy of the State", the Will Smith thriller. When we came out of the theater he was bashing the movie because it was not possible to get those hi-res images from a satellite. He will probably have a stroke if he sees this one!

I liked the movie. They went with an offbeat ending, but I understand why they did that. Keeping the same thing would have been tedious, as if the entire film led to nothing. I don't have anything against sad endings, as demonstrated by the fact that I watch almost every major Asian film, but in this case I probably wouldn't have liked it.

Denzel is Denzel and to me that's enough, I love the way he acts, so he can keep doing the same role for the rest of his life, I will like it.

Paula Patton is beautiful, too bad her nude scene was watched through monitors.

Paula Patton







Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 31

Season Four, Episode 13

Rebecca Riggs

Raelee Hill








Mathilda May in Trois Places Poure Le 26th, whatever that is. I never heard of this film, but if it has Mathilda May naked, I like it already.
Jennifer Aniston, barely identifiable, in an old episode of Quantum Leap
Raquel Welch in Bedazzled. She not only had a great figure by the standard of her own time, but she still stands out today. Too bad she was so miserly with the nudity.
Kerry Washington in The Last King of Scotland (film clip). I was impressed by Kerry in this film. Oh, sure, she looked great, but I expected that. What I didn't expect was her solid performance. I had underestimated her.






The Comedy Wire

A $115 million Charles Dickens theme park called Dickens World is about to open in Chatham, England.  The builders expect it to draw 300,000 Dickens fans a year.  The park includes a Great Expectations Boat Ride, Ye Old Curiosity Gift Shop, and authentic replicas of dirty, dangerous-looking 19th century London streets and harsh schoolroom scenes.  The New York Times editorialized against it, asking if Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger would be greeting tourists like Mickey Mouse and Goofy.  But the creators denied that they were Disneyfying Dickens, claiming that Dickens was a populist who wrote for money and if he were alive today, he probably would have built the park himself.

*  And he'd make all the employees work 16-hour days for minimum wage, even on Christmas!

*  There's even an attraction for dads: a Dickens-theme strip club called "A Sale of Two Titties." 

In the town of Bad Kissingen, Bavaria, Bernhard Stadlinger met a girl in a disco and talked her into climbing into the back of the Volkswagen Golf he'd borrowed from his sister and having sex. Unfortunately, it was parked next to an identical VW Golf, his key fit both, and they climbed into the wrong car.  The woman who owned that car showed up in the middle of it all, was outraged, and called the police.

*  But then, she happened to be his wife....

* I just want to know how a guy who drives his sister's VW talks a woman he's just met into having sex! 

Movie geeks try to impress friends with their knowledge of serious films, but a survey by the movie fan site found that many are just bluffing.  25 percent judge people by the films they like, but 10 percent admitted they pretend to have seen movies they haven't seen.  The top movies people falsely claim to have watched are "Schindler's List," "The DaVinci Code," "The Godfather," and "Apocalypse Now."   However, the top five movies  people really do like but won't admit liking are "The Sound of Music," "Love Actually," "Harry Potter," "Ghost" and "Dirty Dancing." 

*  27 percent of movie geeks admitted that they've never really watched any movie all the way through that didn't star Jenna Jameson.

Thursday in Perugia, Italy, a Catholic priest was sentenced to 3-1/2 years in jail for possessing a pound of cocaine with intention to sell it.

* He denied planning to sell it, claiming he merely intended to
give it to altar boys as a prelude to sex.

* His lawyer tried to plea-bargain the sentence down to three Hail