"Staying Together"

Staying Together (1989) is a slice of life chick flick, kiddie division. The McDermott family has been in the chicken business forever, with a chicken restaurant in their small town. Dad and his three sons run the business. The town is undergoing changes. Developers have discovered the recreation potential of the town near a lake, and are building condos. This divides the town between those who welcome the appreciated property values, and those who want to preserve the small town way of life. It is against this backdrop that the father announces that he has always hated chickens, and has sold the restaurant to the developers. The story really focuses on the three brothers.

The oldest is a wannabe business tycoon, who takes the sale very badly. He is sleeping with an older real estate agent who is running for town mayor on a development platform. The middle son is a runner, trying to win his childhood sweetheart and running companion (Daphne Zuniga) from the contractor she is engaged to. The youngest son is 17, and is successfully getting drunk, and unsuccessfully trying to get laid.

The film couldn't possibly be more "mom and apple pie," but is far more honest than most, and has some humorous moments. While I smelled the real reason for the father's decision to sell early in the film, it is the relationship among the brothers that is really at the heart of the film.

Zuniga does a lovely rear nude scene in bed with one of the sons after a marathon. Dinah Manoff, as a waitress in the chicken restaurant, is seen in bra, panties and panty hose in the restroom when the youngest son tries to convince her to help with his morning erection. It is clear that this is not an unusual occurrence.

IMDb readers say 5.4, with men at 5.1 and women at 6.2. The chick flick appeal was no surprise, as this was a relationship film, and included strong female characters. The film fell way short of greatness, but had some humorous moments and scored very high on the believability scale. All in all, there are worse date flicks. C-.

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    • Wendy (Maya) Devine and Tiffany Mason having a little girl/girl fun.

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    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    You're Making Mountains Out Of Molehills! - Monday, the Food and Drug Administration began hearings to consider whether silicone breast implants are safe enough to be marketed again. Some witnesses claimed they can cause health problems, but others said there's no scientific proof. Some women with implants said they look and feel more natural than saline, and the self-esteem boost is worth the risk. One woman conceded that they could leak, but she said airplanes could crash, and the FDA doesn't ban airplanes.

  • Breast implants aren't like airplanes...They're more like rocket nose cones.
  • And if your plane does crash, silicone implants make great flotation devices.
  • Airplanes are not a food or a drug!...Come to think of it, neither are breast implants.
  • The biggest health hazard of silicone breast implants is that they give so many men whiplash.

    Oklahoma: O.K. - The Relocate-America website listed "America's Top 100 Places to Live" for 2005, with criteria including safe neighborhoods, good schools, beautiful surroundings, affordable housing, jobs, and activities such as museums, theaters and sports. Their #1 best place to live: Spencer, Iowa; followed by Long Beach, New York; Yuma, Arizona; Edmond, Oklahoma; and Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

  • Sounds like the listmakers need to relocate to another line of work.
  • Are they sure that's not the bottom five?
  • Bartlesville must have a NASCAR museum.
  • Oops, they accidentally looked at Long Beach housing prices from 1975.

    Nail Her! - Authorities have yet to identify the finger a woman claims she found in her Wendy's chili in California, and suspicions are turning to her. The A.P. discovered she has a history of suing people, including the El Pollo Loco fast food chicken chain. So police raided her family's Las Vegas home, on a rumor that the finger might be her dead aunt's that she put in the chili herself. The woman denied that and claimed police trashed her home and physically injured her family, which police deny.

  • She's suing.
  • They did find a copy of the will, in which her aunt gave her the finger.
  • So she has a history of pointing the finger.
  • My theory is that it came from her uncle, who was constantly saying, "Pull my finger!"
  • She sued El Pollo Loco after she claimed she found a chicken finger in her meal.

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