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Juno Temple was topless ever-so-briefly in a threesome in episode nine of Vinyl
(Olivia Wilde also appears in the clip,  albeit clad, from other scenes)


The nudity continues in episode two of Marcella

Anna Friel (no vid - it's only two frames)

Florence Pugh


Lots more from The Girlfriend Experience:

Riley Keough in episode 4

Riley Keough in episode 5

Riley Keough in episode 6

Riley Keough in episode 10


The latest from Naked News

Angie Heyward does the Hollywood XPress in the 4-8 edition

the weekly "Behind the Scenes" segment on the 4-10 episode (highlight: Carli Bei's butt spread open)

"Maxine" auditions in the 4-8 episode

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"Queer as Folk"


Michelle Clunie and Thea Gill - yet again

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The Girl in the Photographs


The Girl in the Photographs is a fairly uninvolving look at a pair of serial killers who are obsessed with Colleen (Claudia Lee) and kill all the people around her, much to the disinterest of the cops, Colleen herself and probably the audience. Meanwhile, an edgy photographer (Kal Penn) gets a whiff of something he can use in his art and that doesn't end well. Disappointing and quite nasty movie that never seems to explain anything including what happens to most of those killed and the ending is well, probably saved from being diabolical by its final shot, but still don't know what happened to those still alive.

Autumn Kendrick film clip (sample below)

You're Next


You're Next is an effective darkly comic horror movie with some interesting touches where a family is picked off by seemingly random strangers but something bigger is at play. Somebody forgot to tell Australian girl Erin (Sharni Vinson) who uses her survivalist skills to hopefully get through the night. Pretty good horror thrills and a weird sense of humour make the movie work, but I get the feeling the movie would be fairly divisive if they don't get the humour involved and treat it as a straight horror movie.

Katie Lyn Sheil film clip (sample below)

Sarah Myers film clip (sample below)

The Broken


I have very little idea of what's going on in The Broken, something about people being killed by their evil doppelgängers and they take over except Lena Headey's character doesn't know this or something, I don't know. 

Michelle Duncan film clip (sample below)

Lena Headey film clips (samples below)


Lindsey Shaw in Temps (2016), this time in 1080hd

Teresa Palmer in Triple 9 (2016) in 720p


The latest Miley Cyrus shenanigans