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There was some good nudity in episode 10 of Outlander

Catriona Balfe was topless in a sex scene

Lotte Verbeek had a gorgeous outdoor sex scene


Game of Thrones actually begins season five on Sunday, but there are screeners of episodes one through fout currently available as I went to press. The quality is mediocre (720x392), but you'll see hi-res versions of episode one on tomorrow's page.

Episode one:

The general summary is this: lots of dudity, not enough naked ladies.

Meena Rayann does offer full frontal nudity as a prostitute. Two other actresses appear topless, but they are uncredited.


unknown 1

unknown 2

Finn Jones and Will Tudor have a naked sex scene, which will not appear here because they are both dudes.

Emilia Clarke has a bedroom scene with Michael Huisman, but the only thing we can really see is Huisman's butt. I have included the scene because there is a brief side-boob from Emilia, and because she's gorgeous, but it's zilch in the female nudity department.

Episode two:

no female nudity

Episode three:

a nipple from Natalie Dormer

and full nudity from some unidentified actresses

Episode four:
Carice van Houten was topless

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The Beautiful Risk


This Quebec movie  is now on VOD.

Elaine Gagnon: topless having some very kinky sex.

Winsome Cooper: full frontal in opening sex scene.


(TV series, episode: "Scavenger's Daughter," s2e09, hidef upgrade)

Dayle McLeod: bra and panties in weird sex scene.

Debra McCabe: having her way lesbian-raping Dayle.


(TV series, episode: "Playing Doctor Conner," s2e03)

Genelle Williams: Bitten star showing some partial boob.

"Young Drunk Punk"

(TV series, episode Space Invaders, s1e11)

Allie MacDonald: playing the cable version of Twister in the background.

Pretend We're Kissing

(2014, trailer)

Now in Canadian theatres. It stars Bitten's Tommie-Amber Pirie, who has a sex scene in this movie.

Zoë Kravitz: some boob exposure.


(2014, short)

This short is on CBC's Canadian Reflections website (sorry, hoser access only).

Erin Agostino: nice bathing suit, fully clothed sex.

"Do It All Again"

 (2014, music video)

Jenna Knaggs: New Brunswick model wearing only a pair of panties shows partial boob, even flashing a full boob in one frame.


Jenna Knaggs: modelling pics.

"The Last Fall of Ashes"

(2013, web series, teaser)

Christa Andersen: some nude scenes.

The Passage

(2013, short)

Christa Andersen: very sexy.


(2014, short)

Christa Andersen: wet blouse.

 Avery Crane: nice cleavage having fully clothed sex in low cut negligée.


Avery Crane: cleavage in modeling shot.



Alexis Milligan: nice pokies.

Slipping Sideways

(2010, short)

Martine Roquebrune: sort of nude having bubble bath.

Jolanta Mojsej: sort of nude having sex in shower.


  Jolanta Mojsej: sexy modeling shot.


(2010, short)

Jolanta Mojsej: very sexy.

The Touch of Fear

(2012, short)

Rebecca Lamarche: very stacked.


Rebecca Lamarche: even more revealing collage compiled from her instagram account.

"Je T'Aime Tue-Moi"

(le web series, le teaser, aka "I Love You, Kill Me")

This web series seems to have been shelved.

Eliane Gagnon: cleavage.

Frederique Proulx

A bucnh of web shorts from the vimeo page of Frédérique Proulx

Joue Avec Moi (le vidéo short, aka "Play With Me")

Frederique Proulx: sexy,

Scuse (le vidéo short, aka "Excuses")

  Frederique Proulx: cleavage.

Sale (le vidéo short, aka "Dirty")

Frederique Proulx: side boob.


(le video short)

Chantal Bellavance: boobs almost falling out of revealing negligée.


Chantal Bellavance: full frontal modelling pics.

Other non-Canadian series...


(TV series, episode: "Cry Havoc," s2e01)

Tamzin Merchant: partial boob after getting nekkid out of bathtub.

  Katie Gunderson: obligatory whore having fully clothed sex.

  various: more nude bodies in the crag.


(TV series, episode: "The Reckoning," s2e01)

Nell Hudson: UK actress almost steals the s2 premiere by nearly releasing the hounds.

"The Big Bang Theory"

(TV series, episode: "The Skywalker Incursion," s8e19)

Kaley Cuoco: It must be April Sweeps as she's sporting rock hard pokies!



Season Two



Tasya Teles


Pribeh Kmotra


Vika Kerekes


Ghost Whisperer

Continuing the dedication to Jennifer Love Hewitt and, in particular, her cleavage, starting with Ghost Whisperer.

In this show, JLH plays a woman who has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts who hadn’t yet passed over. Invariably, the dead are trying to send messages to the living, which is where JLH comes in. Personally, I felt the basis of the show was shite but the eye candy provided by JLH and a few others made it worth the watch. These caps finish the second season and were made in 2007.

Episode 12 Dead to Rights

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Marguerite Moreau

Episode 13 Deja Boo

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 14 Speed Demon

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 15 Mean Ghost

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jessy Schram

Madeline Zima

Episode 16 The Cradle Will Rock

Amber Mead

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 17 The Walk-in

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 18 Children of Ghosts

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 20 The Collector

Allison McAtee

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 21 The Prophet

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 22 The Gathering

Jennifer Love Hewitt

All comments by Johnny Moronic:

The Spanish Update keeps on rolling today with a couple more movies from the 2010 era. I think this may be the last of those from the forgotten pile. Heh, who knows, I'll probably find another small deposit from that period somewhere around here.

Elisa K


Don't know a lot about Elisa K, but it is barely 70 minutes long and spends the first 40 minutes in black and white detailing what I assume is the lead character's childhood before Aina Clotet plays out the last 30 minutes in colour having what looks like a nervous breakdown. Fun!

Aina Clotet film clip (collage below)



Ingrid also treads similar territory with a popular underground artist in self-destruct mode, mostly due to deep childhood issues. Some quite full on stuff in this movie and some very vivid images, not the least the devastating (and maybe just a little over-the-top) ending. Elena Serrano is very good in her film debut and makes her character stand out strongly in the movie, but the whole movie feels over-the-top without giving any real depth as to why the vivacious Ingrid is a such a willing trainwreck.

Elena Serrano film clip (collages below)

Lavinia Vila film clip (sample below)

Film and TV Clips

Rachel Hardisty and Sam Buchanan in The Last Time You Had Fun (2014) in 720p

Kristi Myst and Annette Harper in Glam (1997)
I think I have consistently maintained that this is the worst movie I have ever seen.



Pics and Collages

Behind the scenes at the Maitland Ward body-painting session

Helena Christensen - still gorgeous after all these years