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I don't know if this is better or not, maybe, but it's a second HD version of Evan Rachel Wood's nude scene, taken from a different source. Samples below


While we're on this topic:


"This has been bugging me since I first started reading about it. I gotta complain to SOMEBODY. And the fact is, my Priest really wouldn't give a shit. So you seem to be the next logical person, since you make your living off this sort of thing.

It just drives me crazy whenever Evan Rachel Wood's nude scene in Mildred Pierce is referred to as "full frontal" as you did on your splash page this morning.

Every single article mentioning her reluctance to do the scene states that she wore a merkin when she filmed it.

Sorry, but a merkin ain't full frontal nudity, is it? Basically we are seeing a furry thong covering her coochie. It ain't her, it's the work of the prop department. Full frontal nudity means we're seeing whatever god or mother nature put between her legs, right? This isn't god's handiwork. She does have a delightful ass, though.

Speaking of merkins, do we have any idea if Kate Winslett's earlier bush flash was Kate's bush or another merkin? I'm guessing that since Kate normally requires that she appears naked in all her films, she was probably a trooper enough to grow her own, but do we know for sure?

Inquiring minds want to know."


Scoop's note:

Well, I look at it this way. HBO was trying to make all the details of the period as realistic as possible. Therefore, they could not have Rachel strutting around with a shaved crotch, since women didn't do that in the 1930s. So I guess our option was for her to tape on a few pubes or not do the scene at all. Given those choices, I vote for the merkin.

I look at it this way: that show got Rachel to break her resistance. Maybe now she'll do the same thing in a modern-era scene, and we can all see the real McCoy.

I don't know about Winslet, but she seems like the kind of woman who would go natural. She's naked in nearly every movie, and a lot of those films take place in the past, so I suppose she has to stay prepared.


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The Girl in the Cafe


Kelly MacDonald clips

samples below



Film Clips

Marie Christine Friedrich in Weitertanzen (2008; see below)

Esther Zimmering in Hochzeit um jeden Preis (2007; see below)

The women of  Final Examination (2003):

Barbara Wussow in Mein Mann mein Leben und du (2003; see below)

Christina Beyerhaus in SOKO Koeln: Der letzte Geburtstag (2003; see below)

Alexandra Neldel in Verliebte Jungs (2001; see below)

Idil Uener in Verliebte Jungs (2001; see below)

Julia Richter in Und das ist erst der Anfang (2000; see below)

Amanda De Cadenet in Mascara (1999)

Ione Skye in Mascara (1999)

Andrea Vagn Jensen in Karrusel Linda og Mads (1998; see below)

Floriane Daniel and Marie Lou Sellem in Winterschlaefer (1997; see below)

Natalia Woerner in La machine (1994; see below)

Marie Christine Barrault in Cousin cousine, now in 720p (1975; see below)

Marie Forsa in Flossie (1974)





How does this happen? Kate Bosworth goes swimming topless and not one good picture of her breasts emerges in the aftermath. This is the best we have:

Cleo de Paris in Embodiment of Evil (2008)

Raissa Gregori in Embodiment of Evil (2008)

Nara Sakare in Embodiment of Evil (2008)

Thais Simi in Embodiment of Evil (2008)

Jannette Tomiita in Embodiment of Evil (2008)