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Secret Mistress


We go down a different path for today. Sharon Kelly made quite a few B-movies in the seventies and then as we moved to the eighties she moved to making porn movies under the name Colleen Brennan.

Here's Sharon in "Secret Mistress," from "Lasse Braun the king of porn,"* doing all the nasty things you would expect. She had a hot body and knew how to use it. Caps with an almost 11 minute clip. Not the best quality, but that's what you get with this genre.

* Scoop's note: you can tell he was the king of porn because he was featured in a documentary called "Ich, der King of Porn." Case closed.




Dark City


Melissa George film clips

(samples below)





season 2


Film clips: Peta Sergeant and Tanya Burne

(collages in yesterday's edition)





Note, re: Hot Tub Time Machine

That's Diora Baird who plays the *uncredited* trophy wife who's supposed to give Lou (Rob Corddry) a blowjob if he won the football bet.



Rifka Lodeizen in Tiramisu

Frankie Sandford

Lucy Lawless in episode 12 of Spartacus

Felicity Du jeu and Alexia Portal in Quand un ange passe

Netta Garti in Au bout du monde a gauche



Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls


Film Clips

Claire Butard in La Commanderie, s1e2 (sample below)

Geraldine Martineu in La Commanderie, s1e1 (sample below)

Ophelia Kolb in La Commanderie, s1e1 (sample below)

Angela Bassett in City of Hope (sample below). For some reason, we've never had good images from this film, and this is not bad at all! That's important, because this is the one any only nude scene she ever performed without a body double.

The women of Angel Blade: Amanda Righetti, Heather Sturm, Kathleen Pedersen, Nicole Austin

Noomi Rapace and Yasmine Garbi in The Girl Who Played with Fire

And five HD clips from Europe:

Esther Zimmering in Blindes Vertrauen

Lara Joy Koerner in Das Herz meines Vaters

Maruschka Detmers in Maenner luegen nicht

Stephanie Kellner in Das Familiengeheimnis

Svenja Pages in Flamenco der Liebe