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Beverly Hills Bordello: Taboo


A woman is attracted to a female fellow employee, and logs on to the bordello's cybersex line to explore her feelings. She tries a date with her boss, who has a thing for her, but finds herself fantasizing about the other woman. Finally recognizing that sometimes, only a woman will do, she ends up getting together with the other woman.

I find these shorts much more entertaining than 90 minute softcores with 89 minutes of simulated sex. The desire between the women is well-acted, and all three actresses are appealing in both appearance and personality.

Elaine Davis and Denise Samson show everything. Elina Madison shows breasts.

Elaine Davis


Denise Samson


Elina Madison










A double feature today.


Open Your Eyes


The ultra sexy and sensuous Penelope Cruz showing off the boobs:






Veteran B-movie gal Melissa Anne Moore proves a little distracting to Leslie Nielsen as she puts on a leg and tit show in "Repossessed".









Notes and collages

Full Body Massage


part 3 of ?

Mimi Rogers


Full Body Massage DVD Mimi Rogers (1995)

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Sole Survivor


With a theme that probably influenced 2000's Final Destination, 1983's Sole Survivor is not nearly as high-action or exciting, but it's still a pretty good story.

A TV producer (Anita Skinner) is the only survivor of an airliner crash, and she walks away with minor bruises.

At first, Denise seems fine, but eventually she becomes overcome by feelings of guilt at being the only survivor. As she tries to get on with her life, she begins to see people who seem to be following her. Then she finds out that the people she has supposedly seen are newly deceased. Are they sent by Death to collect on a debt?

As I said, somewhat similar in theme to the movie that followed it, but much more low-key, however, it also had a young Brinke Stevens doing a strip-poker scene that pretty much can only be described as gratuitous nudity, so that raised the interest level somewhat. Not a bad flick.

Anita Skinner Brinke Stevens








Flauti's Goya Award series ... to be continued









Willeke van Ammelrooy in Naked and Lustful


Julie Depardieu in Love Me

Kim Kardashian cleavage


Clips: New flicks

Malin Akerman in 27 Dresses (2008). No nudity.



Other Clips

Annett Renneberg in Devot (2003)

Allison Lange in Christina's House (1999)

Carol Alt in The Most Beautiful in the Kingdom (1989) While she is not technically naked, 99% of her bum is on view in a thong made of dental floss.

Kate Winslet in Jude (1996)

Julie Benz in Darkdrive (1996)

Monique Alexander in an episode of Sex House, circa 1995.

Sonia Braga in A Dama Do Lotacao (1978). It's one of her earliest nude appearances, and demonstrates all the typical excesses of 1970s filmmaking.

Uma Thurman in Baron Munchausen (1988). There is only the briefest glimpse of her right nipple, but she was 18 and gorgeous, and it's a beautiful piece of filmmaking by Terry Gilliam rendered in high definition (1280x688).