Late Marriage (2002):

This is a highly-acclaimed (86% positive reviews) dramedy about the dilemma some cultures impose between choosing a mate in a family arrangement or choosing for love. In this case, the culture in the spotlight is the community of Georgian Jews relocated to Israel.

Many people praised the home-spun wit of the film and declared it to be My Big Fat Georgian Wedding. Frankly, I thought watching it was more like watching a high school production of I Remember Mama, except with Georgians instead of Scandinavians. I didn't find it very moving, and the ending is frustrating. It just sort of drifts off. Some of the performers are obviously amateurs (including the director's own mom in a key role), and the direction rises no higher than the level of "pedestrian." There is so little camera movement that the director makes a Kevin Smith movie seem like Domino. Many praised the comedy in Late Wedding, but the comedy pacing is all wrong for modern ears. Although it is a modern Israeli film in color, it reminds me of an old B&W American sitcom from the 50s, sorta like I Married Joan without the laugh track. It seems that one performer delivers his lines stiffly, then the next speaker pauses, waiting for a laugh that never comes. On the other hand, maybe it is incredibly funny by Georgian standards. The only other Georgian I can think of is Stalin, and I'd probably have to concede that writer/director Dover Kosashvili is funnier than Stalin.


The film is interesting as a crash course in Georgian culture, of which I knew so little beforehand. I would not have guessed that such a primitive set of marriage rituals had endured seventy years of the atheistic Soviet Union and another decade or so of modern Israel. I was surprised to see that the cultural hold was still so strong on the otherwise modern-thinking Ph.D that he finally gave up on his beloved, beautiful, and sexy Moroccan divorcee in order to please his mother and marry a nice Georgian Jewish virgin.

The film's strongest redeeming grace is a long sex scene between the goofy young intellectual and the Moroccan woman. That scene appears to be a genuine bit of lovemaking between two loving people familiar with one another's bodies and preferences. It's not especially explicit, but unlike most sex scenes in the movies, it actually gives off the feeling that we are spying and eavesdropping on two real people talking and loving and resting and talking again and loving again. This is one case where the lack of sophisticated camera work may actually have increased the sense of realism. But even the sex scene, like almost everything in this film, dragged on too long.

I was pretty much the only one who didn't much care for the movie in general. Critics raved, and the IMDb score is good (7.3). It even managed to gross $1.5 million in the USA, which is pretty impressive for a film in Georgian, because it obviously couldn't have been generated by the vast hordes of curious Georgian-speaking ticket buyers.

So I reckon the score by our standard must be a C. If you are interested in a painless learning experience about an obscure culture, and are generally OK with subtitles, you may share the enthusiasm of the vast majority of critics.


Ronit Elkabetz



Other Crap:

"The humble prune is set to be recognized as one of the secret weapons of World War II." That Lightning War kept getting slowed down for potty breaks.

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Britney Spears to focus on acting.

  • Yup, she's going to three movies this week, and she won't pay that much attention to the plot or cinematography

This week's movies (expanding to 1000 theaters): Thank You For Smoking - 84% positive reviews.

  • Generally acclaimed as a smart, funny movie.

This week's movies (19 theaters):The Notorious Bettie Page - 59% positive reviews. There was praise for Gretchen Mol's performance, and for the style of the movie. The criticism centered on "What's the point of this movie?"

  • VARIETY: "A superficial look at the '50s sex icon, pic feels like it was researched via press clippings rather than attempting a fresh rethinking of its era and provocative subject."
  • HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: "The key moments in Page's life have been perfunctorily checked-off and assembled into cut-and-paste scenes at the expense of developed characters and any real sense of motivation."

The Weekend Warrior looks at next weekend's box office

  • He thinks the Scary Movie franchise is still strong enough to generate a $34.5 million opener.
  • The Wild? Eh, not so much. He thinks only about ten million, despite a roll-out to 2700 theaters.

20th Century Fox Summer 2006 Film Preview

Some rappers were not shot and killed yesterday.

  • Proof, of rap group D12, the only rap group which is also a vitamin supplement, was not as lucky as the others. He was shot to death.
  • The life expectancy of a rapper is about the same as that of a light fixture in Kid Rock's hotel room.

J-Lo sues ex-husband over plans for a tell-all book

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Prom-Goers Will Be Forced To Take Blood-Alcohol Test

  • Welcome to the prom. Now take a deep breath, close your eyes, and touch your nose with your finger.

Norman Rockwell, The Dark Side

  • When Stockbridge resident Ida Montgomery heard last week that an original Norman Rockwell painting had been discovered in the wall of deceased illustrator Donald Trachte's former home, her first thought was "Donald who?"
  • Her second thought concerned the loose board in the wall of her outhouse.

Welcome To! (Silly English subtitles for Asian movies.)

The Notorious Bettie Page Exclusive Clip

A new clip from The Notorious Bettie Page's Early Report for April 10

"NEW BUSH PLAN ALLOWS IMMIGRANTS TO WORK AS SCAPEGOATS" ... Illegal Aliens to Be Guest Scapegoats For Duration of 2006 Election Campaign

Videos from Sharing Sites - Deleted Sex Scenes From Basic Instinct 2

There is some good trivia in this interview with the ever-candid Jeff Daniels


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




Take Me (2001)

Take Me is a British TV miniseries staring Robson Green, who seems to be something of a heart-throb in some circles, as a man who has just moved to suburbia with his wife and two children, in hopes of salvaging their marriage after her affair. The move requires a long commute to his job as a hostile takeover expert, but he finds time to go to a neighborhood party, where he discovers that everyone in the neighborhood is playing swap-around with everyone else. His wife is keen on it, so he goes along. Then he begins to suspect that one neighbor has been murdered, finds that his wife has been cheating with his best friend again, and then digs himself a hole with the host of the parties, largely because he fancies the man's wife.

The above gets you well into the story, which is often reviewed as having many layers. I am not sure I understand what is meant by that, but there are plenty of sub-plots to fill out the 300 minutes of running time. The producers committed what I think is an unpardonable sin by hiring two actresses (Beth Goddard and Olga Sosnovska) as leads in an erotic thriller when both refused to do any nudity. I have no problem with an actress deciding to keep her body off camera, but she should have the decency to turn down roles that require nudity.

IMDb readers say 7.5. I didn't mind watching all 300 minutes straight through, which, I suppose, means it would have been pretty engaging 50 minutes at a time. I will give this a high C+. If you like mini-series efforts and erotic thrillers, you will want to catch this one.

An unknown shows breasts in the first episode.
In the second episode, Delma Walsh shows breasts.
Gillian Davison shows breasts and buns in episode 4.








Today is kind of a "Grab Bag" day.

Cameron Diaz, cleavage and leg from "In Her Shoes".

From "Innocents" Anne Archer cleavage.

And Connie Nielsen with some tit and bun.

From "The Job" Daryl Hannah some almost skin.

And we wind up the day with caps that we left out of yesterday's post.

One more cap of leggy Milla Jovovich in "No Good Deed".

And from "The Dawn", Natasha Pachano with some nice breasts covered in blood as a murder victim





Angel Blade (2002)

Amanda Righetti


Riyoko Kimoto








Michelle Trachtenberg shows a little cleavage d'derriere

One more of Sigourney Weaver flashing in the special features for Alien Resurrection, This one is really ol Sig herself - no tricks, doubles, prosthetics, or mannequins.


Pat's comments in yellow...

In an annual survey by Mercer human resources, Zurich was named the best city in which to live, followed by Geneva and Vancouver, unchanged from last year.  The survey is based on quality-of-life factors such as political stability, schools, restaurants and bars, environment and crime rates.  The worst city to live in, for the third year running, was Baghdad.

*  But only if you count giant explosions as either a criminal or
environmental issue.

CW Marketing Research spent two years calculating all the energy used by various vehicles from planning stage to junkyard, with surprising results.  They found that hybrid cars cost more in energy over their lifetimes than
SUVs.  Because of all the energy needed to make and transport replacement batteries, complex motors and lightweight body parts that wear out, the Honda Accord Hybrid uses $3.29 worth of energy per mile.  A regular Accord uses half as much energy and costs $2.18 a mile.  The Hummer H3, a typical SUV, uses under  $1.95 worth of energy per mile, less than all hybrids and both the Honda Accord and Civic.

*  That doesn't include all the energy hybrid owners waste trying to talk
Hummer owners into driving hybrids.

Popular Science magazine listed the 10 most  "self-evident studies" of recent years in an article called "Science Confirms the Obvious."  They include findings that mixing drugs and alcohol is bad for you, too many meetings make you grumpy, smoking costs money, memory fades with
age, women like men with a sense of humor, time flies when you're having fun, far-away objects are harder to see, swallowing more than one magnet is dangerous, and beer impairs your ability to choose potential dates.  One researcher defended such studies, saying scientists can't rely on anecdotal evidence but  need "a rigorous, quantifiable test."

*  The most obvious study proved that researchers like to waste money on
useless studies.


Over the weekend, Gwyneth Paltrow underwent a planned C-section in New York and gave birth to her second child, a son named Moses Martin

* Moses?  Is that written in stone?...


In 2008, NASA will send a spacecraft to the moon to search for water

* To mix with Tang