TV Round-Up

Naked News had three interesting sequences in the April 10th edition:

Angie Heyward did a short piece on "Which college has the hottest co-eds?"

Isabella Rossini hosted Hollywood XPress

There was an audition from Diana


Deborah Ann Woll was theoretically topless in episode 1 of Daredevil, but she doesn't seem to have any nipples, so she's got that goin' for her, which is nice. There may or may not be more nudity in the series. The episodes just hit Netflix Friday, so people are still combing through them.

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"The Fall"

Season One



Bronagh Waugh




Elsa van Peborgh


It's the German language on the spotlight this week

Today: a few from Germany

Never Mind the Wall

Anna Bertheau is topless in Never Mind the Wall aka Wie Feuer und Flamme (2001).

Rabbit Without Ears 2

Nora Tschirner is topless in Rabbit Without Ears 2 aka Zweiohrküken (2009)

and Edita Malovcic is in her underwear.

Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen (2009) shows Pheline Roggan topless.

Special Escort

Special Escort aka Stellungswechsel (2007) has lots of cleavage by Diana Staehly,

Elli Stark

and Susanne Schroeder,

Three aka 3

Three aka 3 (2010) has Sophie Rois showing the lot.

Whisky with Vodka

Valery Tscheplanowa is topless in Whisky with Vodka aka Whisky mit Wodka (2009).

Women Without Men

Orsolya Toth is topless in Women Without Men (2009).


and two from Austria

The Crown Prince

Alexandra Vandernoot

and Vittoria Puccini are both topless in The Crown Prince aka Kronprinz Rudolf (2006).


We get a a view of a naked Luka Omoto’s butt in Silentium (2004)

La Daga de Rasputin


Carmen Vicente film clip (sample below)

Carolina Bang film clip (collage below)

Dos a la Carta


Melani Olivares film clip (sample below)

Film and TV Clips

Katherine Waterston in Inherent Vice, from the Blu-Ray

Melvis Santa Estevez in 7 Days in Havana (2012)

Stefanie Hoener and Sarah Kim Gries (and others) in Barfuss Bis Zum Hals (2009)



Elsa Pataky in Give 'em Hell Malone (2009) in 1080hd

Elsa Pataky in Santos (2008)

Reiko Ike in Sex and Fury (1973)

Pics and Collages

A rare sighting of a Natalie Portman breast

Erika Moreno - unpublished photos