TV Recap


Now in 720p. Episode three features:

Full-frontal nudity from Kira Clavell

Clearly-lit T&A from Leah Gibson

Top of the Lake


We saw Elisabeth Moss yesterday. Here's the rest of the nudity in that episode: Lauren Dawes (the albino woman) and others.

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  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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Season Three

s3e1: Kim Dickens


The Gift


The most popular nude scene of the Fun House era (1995-present)

Katie Holmes


Film Clips

Natalie Martinez in Broken City (2013)
(This is the mainstream release with Russell Crowe and Marky Mark, now in 1080p.)

Anna Brueggemann in Move (Germany; 2012)

Alice Dwyer, also in Move

Gemma Arterton in Tess of the D'Urbervilles (BBC mini-series; 2008) in 720p

Barbara Kaluzna in Pogoda na jutro (Poland; 2003)

Julie Delpy in The Passion of Beatrice (France; 1987)

Elizabeth Ashley in Paperback Hero (1973)


Adrienne Curry posted this on Twitter, as she promised she would when she reached a certain number of users

Anemone Valcke in Offline (2012)

Rachel Hurd-Wood in Hideaways (2011)

Classic Lady Gaga, as photographed by Mario Testino