TV Round-Up

The big highlight, of course, was part five of Mildred Pierce, in which Evan Rachel Wood delivered her long-awaited nude scene. Sweet! Sample below.

Eva Longoria flashed the camera and David Letterman last week. Germany's RTL got quite a kick out of it! (Sample below)

Catch the latest from French TV in the Defoe section, and some German material in "catch o' the day"


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Kirsten Dunst film clips

cute scene, minimal nudity



Film Clips

Kirsten Dunst in the  HD trailer for Melancholia

This time with zoom and slo-mo! (2011; see below)

Xenia Georgia Assenza in Die Verfuehrung: Das fremde Maedchen (2011; see below)

Sara Sommerfeldt in Der Bergdoktor: Auf Liebe Und Tod (April 7, 2011; see below)

Diana Amft in Doctor's Diary, s3e7 (Feb 17, 2011; see below)

Agata Buzek in an 2007 episode of "Tatort" - "Fettkiller"  (see below)

Sarain Boylan in Bon Cop Bad Cop in 1080p (2006; see below)

Katja Studt in Vergewaltigt: Die Wahrheit und andere Luegen (2006; see below)

Martina Poel in Vier Frauen und ein Todesfall: Liebessumpf (2005; see below)

Nina Kunzendorf in Die Nachrichten (2005; see below)

Katarina Gaub in Familienkreise (2003; see below)

Sophie von Kessel in Familienkreise (2003; see below)

Denise Faye and Nicole Eggert in Secret Sins (2003)

Sonja Kerskes in Der grosse Bagarozy (1999; see below)

Meriam Abbas in Nachtgestalten (1999; see below)

Katja Flint in Den demokratiske terroristen (1992; see below)

Francine Locke in Risky Business in 1080p (1983; see below)

Rebecca De Mornay in Risky Business in 1080p (1983; see below)

Gudrun Landgrebe in Aufforderung zum Tanz (1977; see below)