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Two Lovers


Gwyneth Paltrow shows off a boob in "Two Lovers". Caps with a short HD clip.

TV Land

Over in TV Land ESPN's Erin Andrews looked really sexy on Monday nights "Dancing with the Stars". Some nice cleavage in these caps with an HD clip.





Drowning on Dry Land


Barbara Hershey film clips

(samples below)





season 2


Film clips: Peta Sergeant

collages below:






Dolan's Cadillac


Stephen King adaption recently released straight-to-DVD. Despite Emmanuelle Vaugier's character being very horny because she wants to conceive a baby, there is little sex. And despite the Boundheat-type sex traffic plotline, there is almost no nudity. Stephen King could learn and thing or two from  Boundheat Czechploitation experts Lloyd Simandl and Chris Hyde who have been churning out  movies like this for decades.

Emmanuelle Vaugier: pokies and cleavage

Melany Burant: very sexy in lingerie

Amy Martin: buns while topless from behind

various: uncredited models in underwear

Good Intentions


PG-rated comedy.

Elaine Hendrix: brassiere as MILF

LeAnn Rimes: pokies

Angelina Love: TNA wrestler from Canada sexy as stripper

Darien Vain: porn actress top heavy as stripper

Cheaper By the Dozen 2


G-rated Steve Martin comedy.

Bonnie Hunt: wet blouse.

Carmen Electra: pokies, leg getting humped by dog.

Hilary Duff: pokies in bathing suit.

La loi du cochon

(2001; aka The Pig's Law)

Quebec black comedy.

Catherine Trudeau: legs giving birth.

Veronique Clusiau: sexy as barmaid

Michele Thiffault: topless as obligatory stripper

unknown: sexy whomever she is

Zalman King's "Body Language"

episode: "Next Stop Porn"

The most explicit nudity of the series. Victoria Blahodar: full frontal spread showing her pink eye and then her brown eye.

"Pure Pwnage"

webisode: "The MMO Girl"

This is from the 2004 web series which the current Showcase series is based on. It had a different female lead.

Miranda Plant: sexy




Lesley-Anne Brandt in this week's Spartacus

Lucy Lawless in this week's Spartacus

Viva Bianca in this week's Spartacus

Kelly Wenham in Life on Mars



Film Clips

Clara Ponsot and Caroline Boutier in La Grande Vie (sample below)

Elzemarieke de Vos in an episode of Inga Lindstrom (sample below)

Sophie Hilbrand in Zomerhitte (Film clip is a repeat. Samples below are new.)

Jill Clayburgh in It's My Turn. Pretty decent quality, but irritating Russian dub-over.

Linda Fiorentino in After Hours

Linda Fiorentino in Gotcha

Linda Kozlowski in Backstreet Justice

Patricia Skeriotis in Backstreet Justice

Desiree Nosbusch in an episode of Tatort

Bernadette Heerwagen in Liebe und weitere Katastrophen

Suzanne Borsody in Liebe und weitere Katastrophen

Christine Neubauer in Das beste Jahr meines Lebens

Ann-Kathrin Kramer in Ich trag dich bis ans Ende der Welt

Jennifer Grey in Red Meat (no nudity, but sexy)