French Cinema Nudity is updated. Big update this week, featuring all kinds of graphic nudity in Histoire de Richard O, plus appearances by Cecile De France and Julie Depardieu.

Water Lilies. (Naissance des pieuvres.)


Just a brief note on this film. I can't review it because I watched it in French without subtitles and my French is not adequate to follow all the details. It is a drama about how young girls form and break friendships, and it seems very real and uncomfortably close-to-the-bone. It's rated a solid 7.2 at IMDb and was nominated for three Cesar awards.

The ugly duckling girl (Louise Blachere) who gets dumped by her prettier, livelier friend does a full frontal nude scene, but I chose not to do any clips or caps from it because she looks underage to me. I reckon that the French and Belgians are more liberal about these matters, and I could not find her date of birth anywhere on the internet.

Perhaps one of you European readers can shed some light on these matters. I will make a clip if she turns out to be of legal age.



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(2000) has three young male entrepreneurs trying to launch a reality webcast from a house with 7 hot women -- all exhibitionists. Pretty hard concept to screw up, right?  They do anyway. Our bright young businessmen manage to talk seven hot women into living in the house with the cameras, but don't have the cameras and web site ready. No sooner do the women move in than someone starts slashing them.

Well, not only do the characters screw it up, but the film makers managed to totally bungle the film as well. 363 IMDb voters score it 1.3 and I would call that the proper score, plus or minus .3. What promises to be a bloody exhibition of body parts ends up a claustrophobic talk-fest with nearly no nudity. This film has literally nothing going for it, other than a promising plot summary


Jena Romano













Today the Time Machine goes back to 1979 for a very young Beverly D'Angelo in "Hair." Our girl goes topless in and out of the water. I have always thought she is one sexy chick.








Notes and collages

Full Body Massage


part 2 of ?

Mimi Rogers


Full Body Massage DVD Mimi Rogers (1995)

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La Carta Esférica


Al igual que hice el año pasado, voy a hacer un especial de los premios Goya de este año.

Empiezo por la película "La carta esferica" adaptada de una novela del escritor y periodista Arturo Pérez Reverte autor de la película de éxito "Alatriste", del pasado año.


Coy, un marinero sin barco, desterrado del mar por un accidente de navegación ocurrido durante su guardia, conoce en Barcelona - en una subasta de objetos navales - a una mujer atractiva y misteriosa, Tanger (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón), que en dura pugna con un aventurero italiano, Nino Palermo, consigue hacerse con una joya cartográfica del dieciocho, el Atlas Marítimo de Urrutia. Un cuarto personaje aparecerá aquí también en escena, Horacio Kiskoros, argentino de oscuro pasado y presente más tortuoso todavía que utiliza métodos mucho más expeditivos para conseguir lo que persigue.

Coy irá descubriendo poco a poco que estos tres personajes tienen un objetivo común: el Dei Gloria, un bergantín hundido cerca de las costas de Cartagena hace ya tres siglos y que transportaba un misterioso tesoro relacionado con la expulsión de los jesuitas de España.

Fascinado por Tanger, Coy tomará partido por ella, defendiendo sus intereses y convirtiéndose en su escudero y protector aunque ello implique seguirla primero a Madrid y luego a un verdadero periplo iniciático que les hará recorrer la costa mediterránea de Cádiz a Cartagena, a bordo de El Buenaventura, un velero de acusada personalidad, propiedad de el Piloto, amigo leal de Coy que participará también en la búsqueda de este tesoro que les cambiará la vida a todos ellos.

Ha sido nominada por "Mejor guión adaptado"

Mi opinión personal, como siempre si has leido la novela la historia siempre resulta mejor que la versión cinematográfica. Pero el mayor error de la película son los actores que no pueden estar más equivocados en su forma de interpretar a los personajes.

Te paso el listado de las películas ganadoras del los Goya tenía pensado mandarte mañana "El orfanato" por ser la película mas taquillera en España y por ser elegida como representante española en los Oscar por delante de Las 13 rosas y Luz de domingo.


As I did last year, I am going to do a special on this year's Goya awards. 

I'm going to start with the movie "The Nautical Chart," which was adapted from a novel by the writer and journalist Arturo Pérez, who also wrote the story which resulted in last year's successful film, "Alatriste." This film was nominated for "Best Adapted Screenplay"


Coy is a sailor without a ship, an exile of the sea because of an unfortunate navigational error which occurred on his watch. In league with a mysterious and attractive woman, Tanger (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón), he wins a hard struggle against an Italian adventurer, Nino Palermo, to obtain the legendary Maritime Atlas of Urrutia. A fourth main character emerges, Horacio Kiskoros, an Argentine with a dark past and even more devious present.

Coy discovers little by little that these three characters have a common objective: the Dei Glory, a brig which sank off the Cartagena coast some three centuries earlier while bearing a mysterious treasure related to the expulsion of the Jesuits from Spain.

My personal opinion: As usual, if you have read the novel and seen the movie, the book's version of the story turns out to be better than the film's. The major problem with this movie, however, is not the story, but the fact that the actors did a poor job on the characterizations. It is only rated 5.4 at IMDb.

You can find an English list of the nominees and winners here. I had thought to send you tomorrow "The Orphanage," which was a box office champ in Spain. On its opening weekend, it grossed more than the other nine films in the top ten, and it went on to hold the #1 spot for six weeks, eventually grossing about $35 million dollars. The population of Spain is only about 13% that of the United States, so this is roughly equivalent to a $300 million blockbuster in the States. The Orphanage also grossed a respectable $7 million in the States, and was chosen as the Spanish representative to the Oscars, ahead of "The 13 Roses" and "Sunday's Light."

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón





Bond ... Rene Bond

Woman of Vengeance is one of those things that just popped up somewhere in somebody's vault. This transfer was made from the only known print, which is in terrible shape, and nobody seems to know precisely when it was made or very much about it. But Rene is a big name from that era, so here ya go ...

Stephanie Beaton in The Bagman (2002). I have never heard of this, but Hankster did many additional caps which can be found in the Encyclopedia.
A double nip-slip from Kayleigh Pearson. Per Wikipedia: "In 2006 she had her breast size increased from 34B to 34DD/E."


Clips: New flicks


Hillary Swank in P.S. I Love You. She really has a great body. Girl must spend all day in the gym. No nudity, but a bare midriff and some extensive cleavage in her bra.



Clips: Classics and Vintage

France Lomay in Island Women. If you are into 70-80s Eurotica, this is France opening her legs and masturbating away.

Anne Heche and Joan Chen in Wild Side, which is on any sensible person's list of the best 50 celebrity sex scenes of all time.

Corinne Clery in Bluff

Valeria Golino in Spanish Judges

Kelly McGillis in Cat Chaser. The quality is nice (640x480) but once again this is the censored version of this scene and cuts out the part where she spreads her legs on camera so he can stick the gun in her coochie. The uncut version may be the most explicit nude scene ever filmed by a major star (you might argue for Fionnula Flanagan in James Joyce's Women, but she was never a major film star). It's impossible to find except in out-of-print VHS tapes. I have already purchased two different "uncut" DVDs of this film which proved quite "cut." For reference, here's Mr Skin's VHS clip from the uncut version, and here's Scorpion's collage, which includes the deleted footage.

That Kelly McGillis thing brought to mind other rarities. I suppose the rarest thing on the site is this collage of Charlize Theron in Cider House Rules.

That portion of the scene was on a VHS screener (yes, they existed only a short time ago), but it never appeared on the DVD, either as part of the scene or as deleted footage. (To my knowledge, it never appeared in theaters, either.) Not knowing at the time that the footage would be rare, I tossed out the screener without making a film clip! Of course in those days I didn't even know how to make film clips!