Funny Money

Funny money; unfunny movie.

Ridiculous "comedy of errors" starring Chevy Chase as a boring suburban husband (he makes wax fruit for a living) whose life changes instantly and dramatically when his briefcase is accidentally switched with an identical one containing five million dollars in cash. He decides to keep it, and to flee the country immediately.

Needless to say, the Eastern European mobsters have his briefcase, which includes enough information to track him down quickly. The plot thickens still further when the courier for the mob is killed while in possession of Chevy's briefcase, thus leading the police to his house before he has had a chance to leave the country or hide the money.

Chaos ensues; hilarity does not.

Chevy has lost his comic timing. The only redeeming facet of the film is an occasional glimpse at vast acres of cleavage from Penelope Ann Miller. No nudity, which is a shame, because Penelope seems to be getting up there in Mimi Rogers territory when it comes to funbaggage.


Penelope Ann Miller



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The Night of 1,000 Cats

The Night of 1,000 Cats (1972) is a Mexican horror offering. It stars Hugo Stiglitz as a wealthy man with an odd hobby. He stalks women in his helicopter until they agree to go out with him, and they always do, then he and his mute butler (Drago) chop their heads off, preserve them in a glass jar, then chop up and feed their bodies to his collection of 1,000 hungry cats. At least, that is how it worked before Drago had the bad sense to beat Hugo at chess and became cat food as well.

At 63 minutes of running time, with at least 20 of them being taken up with helicopter flights, there wasn't room for a lot of plot or a lot of naked women, but Christa Linder as the first victim we see shows a breast, buns, and has serious pokies.

The video quality is poor, the film was likely cut at some point to the current 63 minutes, and there is nearly no dialogue. What lines there are are in English. I can't imagine why anyone would want to see this film, even if the transfer was perfect. As it is, it is an F.

IMDb: in the cellar at 2.7.



Christa Linder










Lust Connection


Day two of the Glori-Anne Gilbert film fest. More full frontal fun of Glori-Anne in Lust Connection. Caps and two clips.









El Camino de los Ingleses

"El Camino de los ingleses" is Antonio Banderas' second effort as a Director after "Crazy in Alabama". The movie is about Miguelito (Alberto Amarilla), a young man bumming around Málaga  with a few friends in the 70s. (This is the time and place where Antonio Banderas grew up.)

In the arty opening scenes, Migelito is on the operating table having a kidney removed, and the near-death experience inspires him to declare that what he really wants in life is to be a poet. Throughout the largely episodic film, everyone in the town refers to his poetic aspirations, though he doesn't get around to actually writing anything. Instead, he obsesses over Dante's "Inferno," romances would-be ballerina Luli (María Ruiz) and hangs around the pool and a local bar interacting with other locals, each with a different nickname. There's a hot chick named "The Body" (Marta Nieto); an aspiring DJ named "Throat" who provides a running, nonsensical voiceover; an aging bombshell called "Iron Helmet" (Victoria Abril); and a toady named "The Dwarf."

Banderas went all over the place with this one. There is almost a constant voice-over; the main character has many weird daydreams; and the drama goes way overboard. I guess Banderas will have to wait to see if third time is a charm.

Marta Ruiz


Marta Nieto


Victoria Abril







Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 29

Season Four, Episode 11

Raelee Hill

Claudia Black

Tammy MacIntosh







The Last Kiss

This 2006 movie, a remake of a 2001 Italian film, is billed as a romantic comedy, but it's actually a romantic drama. Oh, there's plenty of funny stuff, but the theme is deadly serious: the problems we create for ourselves in relationships, the stupid things men do to the women they supposedly love, and of course, the often tragic results.

Michael and Jenna have been together for three years. They want to get married, but Michael is afraid of the commitment, because he watches the relationships of several married or coupled friends disintegrate before his eyes, and before the eyes of the viewer.

Things become even more complicated when Jenna becomes pregnant, increasing the pressure on Michael to marry. At the same time, Michael meets an attractive and free-spirited college co-ed, who tempts him. He succumbs, only to realize afterwards that he already had what he wanted, but now may lose it.

This is a well-done story, with good acting and interesting characters. For some reason, it didn't do a thing for me, perhaps because it was obvious to me early on the hole this guy was digging for himself, but the fact is I think most people will enjoy it.


Rachel Bilson Cindy Sampson Lisa MacKay and Patricia Stasiak






Kristanna Loken in Dark Kingdomn: The Dragon King. Whatever that is.
Kristanna Loken (and Katherine Moenning) in The L Word
The Latest upskirt from Paris Hilton
Suzanna Hamilton in 1984 (film clips)






The Comedy Wire

Tuesday, a Nassau court finally revealed that DNA tests prove Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead is the father of her baby daughter, Dannielynn.  Birkhead happily declared, "My baby's going to be coming home pretty soon."  But all those people fighting over what they thought was an heiress may be surprised: in a Legal Times article, a Georgetown University law professor explains that Smith's claim on her late husband's millions was always tenuous and is likely about to be thrown out by the courts.  So the baby will probably inherit nothing but a big pile of legal bills.

* Funniest line we've heard on this subject came from, which said that a CSI team examined Smith's house, and when they turned on that light that makes semen stains glow, you could see her bedroom from outer space. 

Columnist John Tierney reports that a University of Chicago/MIT study of over 20,000 online daters found that, not surprisingly, women are pickier about who they'll date than men are.  Men mainly set a minimum level of physical attractiveness, but women are less likely to date someone of another race and care more about a partner's education, profession and income.  They also prefer taller men, but money will compensate for shortness.  A 5-foot-8 man was as successful as a six-footer in getting dates if he made $146,000 a year more.  But a 5-foot-2 man has to earn $277,000 a year more.   

*  And a 4-foot-10 man has to earn $20 million a picture to marry Katie Holmes.