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Warm Summer Rain


Kelly Lynch film clips (some epic nudity; captures below)



Dead Hooker in a Trunk


Low budget slasher.

Tasha Moth: in revealing tanktop as title character.

Sylvia Soska: bra and panties as slutty sister.

Jen Soska: geeky sister only took off her glasses.

Rikki Gagne: stunt babe showing cleavage, having fully clothed sex.

Reste avec moi

(2010; aka "Stay With Me")

Quebec movie recently released to DVD.

Maxim Roy: fully clothed sex.

Danielle Proulx: in slip paying off gigolo. [shudder]


(2010; aka "The Bait")

Quebec comedy recently released to DVD.

Laila Tremblay: sexy as belly dancer.



This movie wasted no time showing canuck Sophie Traub in her knickers and then in the shower. But the nudity is non-existent after that. But she does appear in the movie "The Bend," which is opening in theatres this weekend.

Sophie Traub: brassiere then shower scene.

Son of the Sunshine

(2009; trailer)

In theatres this weekend. Rebecca McMahon from Cock'd Gunns is reported topless in the movie, but shows only a bare back in the trailer.


(2011; trailer)

In theatres April 22. There is nudity but it's not in the trailer on youtube.

Carly Pope: sexy.

Kristen Hager: bare back.


 (2010; trailer)

This was a hit at the Fantasia Film festival last year but dropped off the radar.

Emily Alatalo: knickers.

Jennifer Polansky:fully clothed sex.


season 2; episode: "Voices in the Dark"

Season 2 was a bust. The creator had major creative differences with the producers and left the set which led to its inevitable cancellation. And unlike season 1, there's no nudity and the DVD box set release was delayed for years until recently. This episode is the closest to any skin.

Melissa Barker Sauer: topless pasties as stripper.

Ildiko Ferenczi: she's probably the pole-dancer on your right.

Joanne Kelly: showing very little in sex scene.

"Republic of Doyle"

season 2 finale

It's renewed for season 3!

Marthe Bernard: cleavage.

"Penthouse 6-0"

le saison 1 finale.

Brigitte Paquette: finally showing a bit of skin.

"Urban Legends"

season 3

Premiered last April Fool's Day.

Barb Frigault: cleavage as barmaid.

"Special Unit 2"

episode: "The Beast" (2001)

Obligatory episode about strippers being abducted around strip joint.

Holly Eglington: stripper

Jacqueline Stewart: stripper

Tammy Morris: stripper

Annie and Alicia Sorrell: twin strippers

stripper: unidentified actress.

Mashiah Vaughn-Hulbert: waitress.

Others in similarly themed episodes from various shows:

 Melissa Barker Sauer: stripper in John Doe episode "Mourner".

Mashiah Vaughn-Hulbert (1): stripper in John Doe episode "Mourner".

Vaughn-Hulbert (2): hands-over boobs in John Doe episode "Save As..."

April Telek: wearing way too much makeup in Reaper episode "My Brother's Reaper."

Karolina Turek: sexy in Reaper episode "Leon"

Marnie Alton: very sexy in Special Unit 2 episode "The Wish".

Naked News correspondent Eila Adams aka nude model  Eila Balsam is also known as Toronto area actress Misha Highstead.


After seeing porn actress Tangerine Dream acting under her real name Marie-Andree Lauriault in last week's DVD release "A l'origine d'un cri" made cause for a little digging. She's a Montreal area stripper known for performing explicit acts using sex toys on stage - and allowing  patrons to masturbate her with them.

Tangerine Dream



Film Clips

Kirsten Dunst in the  HD trailer for Melancholia (2011; see below)

Veerle Baetens and unknowns in Code 37 in 720p (2011; see below)

Aura Garrido in Angel o Demonio (2011; see below)

Nicole Marischka in Schicksalsjahre (2011; see below)

Isabel Cristina Cadavidad in Sin Tetas no Hay Paraiso (2010; see below)

Linda Lucia Callejas and Isabel Cristina Cadavidad in Sin Tetas no Hay Paraiso (2010; see below)

Anna Raadsveld and Charlie Dagelet in Lelle Belle (2010; see below)

Isis Cabolet in Lelle Belle (2010; see below)

Morjana Alaoui in Martyrs (2008; see below)

Sarah Muehlhause and Luka Omoto in Die Zeit die man Leben nennt (2008; see below)

Lea Drucker in L'Homme de sa vie (2006; see below)

Annika Blendl in Maria am Wasser (2006; see below)

Brigitte Hobmeier in an episode of "Tatort" - "Das Laecheln der Madonna" (2005; see below)

Petra Morze in the same episode of "Tatort" (2005; see below)

Silvana Bayer in an episode of "Der letzte Zeuge" - "Die Show geht weiter" (2003; see below)

Julia Brendler in the same episode of "Der letzte Zeuge" (2003; see below)

Martina Stella in L'Ultimo bacio (2001; see below)

Ines Nobili in L'Ultimo bacio (2001; see below)

Carole Bouquet in Bingo Bongo in HD (1982; see below)



Ariane Labed in Attenberg (2010)

Evangelia Randou in Attenberg (2010)

Nadeshda Brennicke in 8 Uhr 28 (2010)