Hot Tub Time Machine


Sadly, there is more to making a funny movie than just creating a snappy, ironically awful title. Just ask the producers of Snakes on a Plane.

What it all boils down to is that Hot Tub Time Machine is not different in any way from the string of straight-to-vids that come out every year with raunchy frat-boy humor. It does, however, have one thing that those endless American Pie sequels didn't have: John Cusack, who has spent the last twenty years of his life endearing himself to us as the affable, low-key everyman. Cusack not only agreed to star in this film, he also threw his hat in the ring as a producer. God only knows why he did that, but by so doing he make this otherwise straight-to-vid film a theatrical release.

Anyway, it's about a bunch of guys who are transported back to the 80s, and it is also an 80-style film. The good news, therefore, is that it is freewheeling and uninhibited and filled with nostalgic pop culture references - including some references to Cusack's films from the 80s! The bad news is that it does all that in service of a mediocre script performed by a bunch of performers who, except for those named Cusack, could not get a table at McDonald's.

I found it pleasant, if not really hilarious. Bottom line: don't pay 12 bucks for this. Wait to see it at home, like the straight-to-vid it should have been.

The film clips are cam quality. Sorry.

Jessica Pare does a topless scene

as does Crystal Lowe





episode 12

Sparto has found out that ol' Batty has deceived him, so he simmers quietly and plots revenge and/or escape. We're back on track this week in the nudity department, especially from Viva Bianca. This week's Spartacus clips are from Deep at Sea, and are 720p: Viva Bianca, Lucy Lawless, Lesley-Anne Brandt, unknown


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Confessions of a Window Cleaner


We wrap up "Confessions of a Window Cleaner" today.

Sue Longhurst makes it with Robin Askwith in a sexy and funny scene. Not much nudity but fun to watch. Caps and a clip.


Our Boy Robin gets lucky one last time with Olivia Mundy and she shows it all. Caps with a clip.





Book of Love


Frances O'Connor film clips

(samples below)









Film clip: Eva Green, Maria Valverde, Juno Temple

Valverde collages


Green collages

Temple collages






Lucy Acain in Tracy Bingham: Exposed

Tracy Bingham in Tracy Bingham: Exposed

Tonya Poole in Tracy Bingham: Exposed

Sheri Eckert in Tracy Bingham: Exposed

Isabel Goulart in an obscure magazine (poor quality)

Angelina Armani in Funny or Die s1e4

Jane Badler in Easy Kill


Helene Filleres in Venus Beauty Institute

Clare Nebout in Venus Beauty Institute



Film Clips

Jennifer Aniston in The Bounty Hunter (no nudity)

Anastasia Griffith in Dirty Filthy Love

Yelena Arzhanik in City Zero

Peggy Trentini in Human Desires

Shannon Tweed in Human Desires