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Holy Smoke


Here's a Kate Winslet full frontal, back in the day when she was a big girl.

Kate Winslet film clips










The Mask


Cameron Diaz was smoking hot in "The Mask." Sure there was no nudity, but she still rings my bell. Caps and 2 clips.

Scoop's note: full HD clips! One of the most impressive screen introductions any woman had ever had! She was spectacularly beautiful and sexy then.



It Started in Naples


Instead of our usual TV Land feature we take the Time Machine back 49 years for two screen legends, Sophia Loren and Clark Gable in "It Started in Naples." Caps and a clip.

Scoop's note: This was Gable's second-last film. He would be dead within about a year. Sophia, of course, is still going strong a half-century later - and was one hot babe.







Notes and collages

Amar te Duele


Marta Higareda




The Girl from B.I.K.I.N.I


Beverly Lynne, Part 3 of 3  (film clip)







The Shining


The word "classic" is often misused, but this 1980 horror film from director Stanley Kubrick really is a classic, and so is Lia Beldam's bathtub scene, which in the Blu-ray version, comes out pretty clear.

Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) gives up his teaching job to write, and takes a winter job as a caretaker at a beautiful resort hotel in the mountains of Colorado, bringing his wife and son for company. Because of the weather, the hotel, built in 1901, closes for the winter.

The boy has a telepathic gift that they call The Shining, and he begins seeing gruesome images of past events at the hotel. As winter sets in, Jack becomes beset by cabin fever, even in the huge hotel. He starts seeing people that aren't there and starts the headlong plunge into insanity, endangering the safety of his wife and child.

Aside from Kubrick's excellent direction, what really makes this movie is Nicholson's performance. His transformation from normal to nuts is an outstanding example of his acting skills, and the movie manages to be horrific without all the graphic blood and gore of modern horror flicks.

Lia Beldam







Film Clips

Edwige Fenech film festival, part twelve. Three more films from 1976. She's about 28.

Shannon Tweed in Singapore Sling. The stills from this scene make it look like there was penetration. (See the encyclopedia.)

Betsy Rue in My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009). Not very good quality. Seems better than a cam, but not by much.

Rachel Bilson in The Last Kiss. Rare nudity from Bilson, now seen in HD!

Speaking of HD, here is a spectacular quality clip of Penelope Ann Miller in Carlito's Way.

Patsy Kensit in Beltenbros (Sample right)