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Babette in Return of the Secret Society

This is a 1968 New York grindhouse effort starring and narrated by Linda Boyce.

She needs cash, so returns to the sex-for-money game. She answers several ads that look promising, and ends up going to work for a photographer/entrepreneur. He does fetish photo shoots, resells Mexican porn reels, and arranges special evenings for certain customers, including a husband who wants to see his wife with another woman, a lesbian orgy club, and a private sex club. Linda Boyce fits right in. Her first encounter is with Uta Erickson, who, unfortunately, keeps her clothes on. That is not a problem with several unidentified actresses.

IMDb has barely heard of this SWV release, and there are no votes, comments, or reviews. On our system this is a C -  is a perfectly acceptable example of early East Coast porn, with even a bit more nudity than I expected.



Linda Boyce does full-frontal and rear nudity ...



 ...as do several unknowns.









Lust Connection


Today we have another B-movie babe as we look at Glori-Anne Gilbert in Lust Connection.

Caps and four clips with full frontal nudity of Glori in all her glory.









Los Borgia

A portrait of the Borgia family, originally from Valencia, one of the richest and most influential families of Renaissance Europe. They where also known as "the first criminal family of history" and apparently poisoned many of their enemies. After showing the arrest of Cesar Borgia (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) for the murder of his brother, Juan (Sergio Muniz), pic flashes back to 12 years earlier, when the Spanish-born Borgia brothers, the ambitious Cesar, wild boy Juan and insecure Jofre (Eloy Azorin), are in Rome for the election of a new Pope, Rodrigo Borgia (Lluis Homar), their father.

Rodrigo, now Alejandro VI, immediately marries off his children to expand the Vatican's (and the Borgias') interests, meanwhile Cesar, hungry for military glory, is disappointed to be named a cardinal, while Juan is made a captain in the army.

Linda Batista



Kate Sanders










Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 28

Season Four, Episode 8-10

Raelee Hill, s4, e8


Raelee Hill, s4, e9


Raelee Hill, s4, e10

Gigi Edgley, s4, e9


Gigi Edgley, s4, e10


Claudia Black, s4, e10







Jennifer Rae Westley in Traffic
A few more Elsa Pataky shots, this time from the "making of" of her photoshoot
Lisa Dean Kelly on Doogie Howser M.D.
A couple more looks at Madeline Zima in that lo-def preview from the Duchovny series.
The other woman in that preview is named Michelle Nordin.
Pilar Soto in Beneath Still Waters (film clip)






The Comedy Wire

London's Daily Mail reports that David Brown woke up one morning after a night on the town with a telephone number running through his head.  He had no idea why, so he sent a text message asking, "Did I meet you last night?"  Michelle Kitson was wary of the strange message at first, but she answered it, and the two began exchanging messages.  Eventually, they met, fell in love, and have just returned from their honeymoon.  Michelle said her worried parents kept telling her, "But he could be an axe murderer." 

*  Fortunately, they're dead now.

Nashville pastor Clay Baggett has opened a church in Code Blue, a former strip club that is still equipped with a disco ball and dance pole.  Baggett says the Bible just says that wherever people gather in His name, God is there, so it doesn't matter where they do it.  He expects that gawkers will come at first, just to see church in a strip club, but then maybe they'll stay. 100 people showed up for the first service on Easter Sunday, which was called "Lift Nashville."

*  The service included Communion wine, but there was a two-drink minimum.

BIRTHDAYS - Omar Sharif (75).  Trivia: While Sharif is Hollywood's go-to actor for Arab roles, many Arab Muslims condemn him because he kissed Barbra Streisand in "Funny Girl."

*  Muslims aren't allowed to taste ham.