Hi guys, 

I’ve been a member for a long time, since about 1998, I think.  Thanks very much for running such a great site!  Finally, I’ve tried to capture a couple of stills to try to make a contribution.  Please forgive the low resolution, but it was my first attempt at this.  I used a Toshiba notebook to record a little of the video, then used some software called “VideoReDo” to capture a couple of frames.  I’d appreciate any advice on how to do better next time.  

These 2 jpgs are of Jenna Elfman from Courting Alex, in what was probably the last episode that will be aired.  They advertised one more, but then they pre-empted it with something else.  Anyway, I believe there is some see-through action in these 2 images.


 Cheers - JT

From Scoop to JT: Many thanks. In response to your question, Tuna and I, and a lot of other imagers who capture stills, work directly from the source video with PowerDVD, which can play vids in just about any kind of common format except RealMedia and QuickTime, and can capture images and save them to your hard disk with one touch. It always works best if you capture images uncompressed, in .bmp format, then do your editing and resizing (and make collages and add text, if you want to get fancy) with the uncompressed images, then convert to .jpg only after all your editing is completed.

To tell you the truth, I doubt whether we would have done much better than you did, given that you captured the stills from a video which was already a capture of another source. They look pretty darned good.


Miscellaneous vids:

Three zipped .avi's of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2. Some unintentionally comical acting and music - kind of a hyper-melodrama, as if Zalman King decided to remake a Hitchcock film with a lot more sex and cheese. (1, 2, 3) The quality is not bad at all, although not as good as a screener.

Tania Saulnier in Slither. (Zipped .avi) Cam quality.

Sophie Seferiades in Nathalie. (Zipped .mpg)

Emmanuelle Beart in Nathalie. Ol' Manon of the Spring is 39 or 40 here, but still looks like a hot young bimbo. (Zipped .mpg)

Here are some sample caps of Seferiades and Beart, if you want to see what you're getting into.


Sophie Seferiades
Emmanuelle Beart



Other Crap:


Great moments in unintentional comedy ... "Should Brett Favre retire or play another year?" Results by State!


EW's Owen Gleiberman: Why sex in cinema is dying

Steve Garvey - deadbeat?

Lefty wins second Masters

Weekend Box Office Results, April 7-9, 2006

  • The performance of Benchwarmers was the biggest surprise of the week. Despite harsh reviews, it opened with more than twenty million, and took in more than Take the Lead and Lucky Number Slevin combined! (I suppose there is only a faint correlation between reviews and the success of a Schneider/Slade movie in general, but in this case there were no advance reviews. I wonder if anyone has even done a scholarly study of the relationship between reviews and box office performance in general.)
  • Thank You For Smoking did extraordinarily well, making the top ten despite being in a mere 300 theaters. It beat out five films which were in 1400 theaters or more!

Mel Brooks thinks it is almost time for Frankenstein to sing and dance on Broadway.

Find out how you will die. In print this could be 100% accurate. Predicts that you will be poisoned. Poisons you.

NASA: 2005 in Images

Chiropractor heals you in your home by traveling through time


Dave Chappelle's hilarious mock kiddie show, Knee High Park, complete and uncensored.

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship ... featuring Mean Gene Okerlund!

"Darkness and Despair Spread as CBS Doors Open for Katie Couric, Mistress of Evil"

Astropic o' the Day: Molecular Cloud Barnard 68

Hef turns 40 again


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




Antartida (1995)

Antartida is a romance set inside of a gangster drug scene. Ariadna Gil plays an addict and former rock star who lost interest in life when her boyfriend overdosed. Carlos Fuentes, in his first film, also plays an addict. He has noticed unusual activity centered on a woman's bathroom and a gangster, suspects that drugs are stored there, and convinces Gil to look for them. Instead of the three or four grams they were expecting, she finds nine kilos of pure heroin. The two take off together as partners in what should be the biggest mistake of their lives, since both the Mafia and the corrupt police are immediately on their trail, but although the gangsters in this story are ruthless, they are not very smart, and don't get along well together, a fact that works to our couple's advantage. Since the two fugitives have more heroin than they can possibly use in a lifetime, they decide to sell a kilo, then split the money and the remaining dope.

Somewhere along the way, the perennial optimist Fuentes decides Gil is the one for him, and she is eventually persuaded. The film started out grainy and oversaturated, and became progressively more "normal" as the Gil/Fuentes relationship progressed.

Antartida won the Goya (Spanish Academy Award) for cinematography, and was nominated for Best Actress, Best New Actor, and Best New Director. It is in Spanish with mediocre subtitles, but they are good enough to follow the story and, all in all, I do not regret the time spent watching this. Gil has a difficult role here, and performed well. Fuentes, in his first film, shows much promise.

This is a C.

IMDb readers say 7.1, but only based on 62 votes.

Ariadna Gil does full frontal and rear nudity, although one scene was dark, and the other nearly black.






At last we are back home.
First, from "Satanic," three topless babes.
Priscilla Jones with a pretty creepy looking guy.

Annie Sorell stark naked in the shower.

Eliza Swenson with more tittie.


From "The Coroner" Jane Longnecker just a glimpse of tit before she becomes a "Babe in Bondage".



Tiffany Bolton (mostly known from co-hosting "Meet the Geeks") in "Black Tie Nights."




* Eros:

- Ele Keats x2c

- Luisa Ranieri x16c


- Regina Nemni x17c


* All Souls Day: Dia de los muertos:

- Danielle Burgio x5c

- Marisa Ramirez x13c

- Mircea Monroe x13c

- Nichole Hiltz x4c


* Batalla en el cielo aka Battle in Heaven

- Anapola Mushkadiz x17c


- Grace Avila x1c






(Film clips. Zipped. avis)

Here is Michelle Bauer in Assault of the Party Nerds 2: Heavy Petting Detective. Has to be one of only a handful of parody movies that pokes fun of not one but two other movies in its title. Michelle plays a the age of 29. (1, 2, 3, 4)

More Bauer tomorrow






Moira Kelly in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Emmanuelle Devos in Le Temps Perdu

Nade Dieu in Le Temps Perdu.

Jessica Schwarz (l) and Esther Zimmering (r) in Lulu

Amanda Righetti in Angel Blade