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Claire Bronson

Ivana Milisevic




Augie Duke, for the threepeat


Charlie's Angels

The fifth and final season of this series is now out on DVD. The fifth season is marked by the appearance of the beautiful Tanya Roberts and this was helped by a few episodes made in Hawaii. Obviously, no nudity but lots of cleavage, pokies and sexy women. These were all made in 1980 and 1981.

Episode 1 Angel in Hiding Pt 1 (1980)

Diane Lander

Katherine Moffat

Nancy Bleier

Nancy Harewood

Tanya Roberts

Not Identified

Episode 1 Angel in Hiding Pt 2 (1980)

Cheryl Ladd

Jaclyn Smith

Tanya Roberts

Episode 2 To See an Angel Die (1980)

Tanya Roberts

Episode 3 Angels of the Deep (1980)

Cheryl Ladd

Patti D'Arbanville

Jaclyn Smith

Tanya Roberts

Episode 4 Island Angels (1980)

Barbi Benton

Carol Lynley

Cheryl Ladd

Jaclyn Smith

Tanya Roberts

Not Identified

Episode 5 Waikiki Angels (1981)

Cheryl Ladd

Denise DuBarry

Jaclyn Smith

Tanya Roberts

Not Identified

Episode 6 Hula Angels (1981)

Cheryl Ladd

Jaclyn Smith

Joanna Cassidy

Kristin Larkin

Patch Mackenzie

Tanya Roberts

Episode 11 Chorus Line Angels (1981)

Eileen Barnett

Jaclyn Smith

Lee Travis

Nancy Fox

Pamela Peadon

Not identified

Episode 12 Stuntwomen Angels (1981)

Tanya Roberts

Cheryl Ladd

Episode 15 Mr. Galaxy (1981)

Tanya Roberts


Defoe's clips of the week:

Izia Higelin and Joana Preiss in Mauvaise Fille (2012) in 720p 

Deborah Francois in Populaire (2012) in 1080p

Dead Europe


Johnny's comments:

How 'bout another new Australian film?

Dead Europe is a drama that follows Issac (Ewen Leslie), a photographer who wants to go to Greece to visit where his parents came from. His father does not want him to go and after a going away party, his father dies in a car accident, possibly by suicide. This slightly changes Issac's plans and he decides to take his father's ashes to spread them in his home village. This is against his mother's blessings and there seems to be a major consternation about Issac going to Greece. He goes to Greece and meets his cousin Glulia (Danae Skiadi from Hardcore, loved watching that ultra-depressing film on SBS back in the day), who offers to take him to his father's village. Before he goes, Issac is interrupted during a gay liasion by Josef (Kodi Smit-McPhee), who has been attacked. He helps him home, but things are strange. Josef says that the woman at his home is not his mother and he wants Issac to take him away from here. But, after going home to get more film, he comes back and they seem to have disappeared. Issac goes to his father's village and finds that his family thinks he is cursed because of something his father did. When he goes to sprinkle his father's ashes, he is warded off doing so. After receiving an email from an old friend of his father's, he goes to Paris to meet him, but it comes increasingly clear that his father's past is going to catch up with him. And this comes to a head when Issac visits his long lost brother Nico (Marton Csokas) in Budapest and sees the shell of a man he has become and Nico tells him the truth of their father and it will shake Issac to his core.

Jesus, Australian filmmakers love their depressing stories and Dead Europe is an all-timer of depressing shit happening. Mind you, I do love a depressing film. Based on a novel from the writer of The Slap and reuniting star and director from the similar storied short film Jewboy, Dead Europe is a film that predetermines it's ending and it's just a downward spiral to get there. And a fair bit of the film feels extremely random and possibly with stuff tacked on or possibly taken out to drag the film out to barely 80 minutes. The Paris segment didn't need to be there at all. This film ain't The Slap, that's for sure and is more a depressing diversion than anything substantial.

Danae Skiadi film clips (collage below).


Film Clips

Emily Ratajkowski and others in the Blurred Lines video (2013) in 1080p

Anastasiia Kyryliuk in Die Vermessung der Welt (2012) in 1080

Tatiana Merizalde Dobles, also in Die Vermessung der Welt

Vicki Krieps, also in Die Vermessung der Welt

Penelope Cruz and Saadet Aksoy in Venuto al mondo (2012)

If you like Californication, then you'll like Natascha McElhone's nudity in Surviving Picasso (1996)
(What the hell - it's a nice full-frontal even if you hate Californication.)

Rosalind Cash in Omega Man (1971) in 720p


Eva Longoria falls out of her bikini top in Puerto Rico

Sara Sampaio, as photographed by Terry Richardson

Shirley Arica, Anahi de Cardenas, and Genesis Tapia in El Guachiman (2011)