TV Round Up

The Girl's Guide to Depravity in 1080hd

- episode 5

Riley Steele

Rebecca Blumhagen

Alyse Zwick

The Client List, episode 2, in 720p

I don't reckon you'll be seeing a lot of nudity in this show, given that it's on Lifetime network and stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, who now wears so much eye make-up with such large false eyelashes that she looks like a cute raccoon. Fortunately for us, it's a raccoon with a big rack. Here's her latest tease.

Note: Defoe, that French party animal, is taking a week off for spring break.

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  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


A Dangerous Woman


Debra Winger

Barbara Hershey


Lexus Locklear


Mientras Duermes


Mientras Duermes (Sleep Tight) is a creepy thriller about César (the always good Luis Tosar), a lonely doorman/supervisor of an apartment block who is in the process of perpetrating psychological (and possibly physical) torture on Clara (Marta Etura, also always good), a young, bright, fun loving woman. It seems César is entering Clara's apartment before she gets home, waiting under her bed until she goes to sleep and then knocking her out with chlorophyll to do want he wants to her. And he's sending her secret admirer letters that are going too far. Things escalate when César overhears a phone conversation between Clara and her boyfriend where she dismisses him and he decides to amp up his torture. He gives her a rash, then cures it, then puts cockroaches in her apartment. César helps get rid of the cockroaches as she goes to her mother's place and is in the process of the next phase of his torture when she comes home with her just arrived boyfriend and he is stuck in the apartment. He is caught leaving the apartment, but manages to get away by saying he forgot his bag of stuff that they had found. Police also close in on him, but he manages to divert them. Things are spiraling out of control for César and when he is given his two weeks notice to finish his job and leave the complex, he is also running out of time to complete his master plan. Excellent and very creepy (and quite disturbing) thriller from the director of the two [REC] films (the first one I really like, the second one's not bad either) that is driven by an excellent performance by Luis Tosar who plays a bitter, lonely man who gets in over his head extremely well. Sure to be remade and toned down, so see this film before then.

Marta Etura



Shame once again, this time in 1080p

Charisse Bellante

Nicole Beharie

Deedee Luxe and Calamity Chung

Amy Hargreaves

Carey Mulligan


Ruth Negga in The Samaritan (2012)

Irene Jacob in Rio Sex Comedy (2011) in 1080p

Elina Lowensohn in New Love (2007)

Valentina Vargas in Hellraiser Bloodline (1996), in 1080p

Terri Juston in the deservedly forgotten 1974 film Little Laura and Big John

Edwige Fenech in today's Italian exploitation classic: Innocenza e Turbamento (1974)


Victoria Abril and Maribel Verdu in Amantes

Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour

Iben Hjejle in High Fidelity

Carly Leonard in Blood Car

Maria Malcolm in Blood Car

Kate Norby in The Devil's Rejects