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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Secret Desires of a Housewife 2


This is a no-plot softcore full of simulated sex. 

April Hanna is a housewife. He husband goes off every weekend rock climbing, and her secret desire. which everyone in the cast knows, is to climb with him. He claims it is too dangerous. Then Akira Lane figures out that she could learn from someone other than her husband, so they find April a female instructor, Brittney Skye, who seems to teach rock climbing by having sex with her students.

All three women show everything, and the music is less obnoxious than usual.

Akira Lane does two guys

 Brittney Skye does a man and a woman

April Hanna does a man and Brittney Skye












With a tip of the hat and a nod to Johnny Moronic ( who created the clips ) we give you our take on the Australian TV Series "Fire." Tottie Goldsmith is the one that tipped our scales. She is an accomplished singer and a niece of Olivia Newton-John.

Nice T & A from Tottie.

Boobs and a full frontal flash from Louise Bitcon.

A quick look at Rachael Blake's right tit.

More boobage from Rebecca James.







Notes and collages

Full Body Massage


(part 1 of ?)

Mimi Rogers










Money to Burn


This is the last of a five-part series featuring the famous 6'2" babe, Julie Strain.

Film clips of Julie Strain in Money to Burn










Mylene Demongeot see–through and sexy from the Luis De Funes 60s French comedy “Fantomas”



From “Voyage of the Damned,” a drama about German Jewish refugees:

Faye Dunaway

Katharine Ross

and Lynne Frederick



Sigourney Weaver from “Alien3”



Annette Bening from the Kevin Costner western “Open Range”



Jacqueline Sassard from the Antonioni-influenced b&w Italian drama “Le stagioni del nostro amore”








Dita von Teese

Here is part 6 of 7 of the film Pin-Ups2, in which Dita does all sorts of naughty, explicit lesbian and solo activities.



Eva Herzigova: naked and pregnant


Naomi Campbell may not be a very nice lady, but she's gorgeous

Three women from Pineapple:

Gabriela Ostos-Tamez

Amanda Welles

Eliza Swenson



Clips: New flicks


Louise Chambers in The Bank Job (2008). I must be losing it. I saw this film in the theaters and don't even remember this scene.



Clips: Classics and Vintage

The career nudography of Georgina Cates:

She was a favorite of mine, and then she just disappeared from sight. You may have noticed that all of her credits were concentrated in the period 1995-99, when she was in her early 20s. She then married Skeet Ulrich, had twins, and retired to Virginia at the ripe old age of 24 to raise a family. She and the Skeeter are now divorced and she has started working again. Even after all that time off, she's still only 33.


Some Sherilyn Fenn

Although she is only 43 and still working, she hasn't done a nude scene since 1993. Her film nudity legacy is still intact because the scenes she did back then were so impressive. We've covered Two Moon Junction (1988) ad nauseum, so here are a couple of her more obscure roles from the same era:

While on the subject of Meridian, Charlie Spradling also flashed a bit in that film, so ... here's Chucky.


Marie Trintignant

Marie Trintignant in One Summer Night in Town (1990).

Hers is a tragic story. Marie Trintignant died in 2003, age 41, from head injuries sustained in a violent quarrel with her boyfriend, Bertrand Cantat, the lead singer in the group Noir Désir. He was convicted of her murder (manslaughter) in Lithuania, served time in both Lithuanian and French prisons, and was freed on parole this past October, despite the fact that Marie's famous mother personally petitioned French President Sarkozy to deny the parole.  Cantat served only about 3 1/2 years of his eight year sentence.

The entire Trintignant family is in the film business. Her mother Nadine is an auteur, and her father is the internationally famed actor Jean-Louis Trintignant (And God Created Woman, A Man and a Woman). Marie made her first screen appearance when she was just four years old, in a film written and directed by her mother. At the time of Marie's death she was just finishing a TV movie about Colette, also directed by her mother. Nadine was thus the director of her daughter's first and last screen appearances, some 37 years apart.