3 Needles

I didn't watch it. Not my kind of stuff. I just captured Chloe Sevigny's nude scene. Here are the film clips.

The last image comes from the deleted scenes, and I had not seen it before.

Chloe Sevigny





* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum (1991) is one of Fred Olen Ray's lesser efforts, and is rated in the lower half of his offerings. That's pretty scary, because even the top half of his offerings doesn't include much that is watchable. If that isn't enough to frighten you away, this is his attempt at an erotic thriller, not something he is known for.

Valerie Wildman thinks husband Joseph Bottoms is cheating on her with Margaux Hemingway. I am not sure where she got that idea, but he, in fact, was cheating on her with Margaux Hemingway. So she reacts the way anyone would. She swallows a bunch of pills, waits till she is in severe pain, pulls herself up a stairway, then does a forward 1 and 1/2 gainer down the stairs. Finally, she settles on hysterical paralysis. As you can imagine, Bottoms is even less happy about a wife that requires constant care than he was about a healthy one, so he hires Tanya Roberts, a nurse accused of murdering a woman in a similar situation, marrying her husband and then killing him for insurance money. The police didn't have enough to try her, but the insurance company has hired a private investigator to try to get more evidence against her.

I think the plan was for him to kill his wife then blame Roberts.

Unbridled lust and a desire to get rid of a wife in a unique way don't make him a villain, but get this. He is an insurance salesman. (Holds up the "boo and hiss" placards). I won't explain the ending because frankly, I watched it three times and never did figure out who was planning what in partnership with whom.

IMDb readers say 3.1. The acting ranged from almost tolerable (Tanya Roberts) to abysmal (Joseph Bottoms and Margaux Hemingway). The plot made little or no sense, the film never developed any suspense, and the ending was completely unsatisfying.

The only reason to watch this one is nudity from recognizable thespians. D+.


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Valerie Wildman shows a breast.



Margaux Hemingway shows breasts and buns.



Tanya Roberts also shows breasts and buns.









Bad Bizness


A few days ago, when we did The Curse of the Komodo, I lamented the fact that Melissa Brasselle had never done any real nudity despite appearing in many B-movies that would seem to call for her to do nudity. Miss Brasselle has not appeared in any movies since Komodo in 2004, so I guess it's just not going to happen.

That said here are caps and four clips of Melissa in Bad Bizness aka More Mercy as she played a stripper in the opening scene. This is the closest she came to baring those boobs in the closing moments of that scene. Still a very sexy little routine.








Tazza: The High Rollers

As I have mentioned before, Korean movies are my favorites at the moment and I try to watch most of them. Tazza is based on a comic book about gamblers, and features one of my favorite Korean actresses Hye-soo Kim. She is a hottie and proves it well in this movie.

The movie is fun to watch but could have been shorter because it drags a little at some points. The movie begins when a professional gambler, Goni (Cho Seung-woo), partnered with fast-talking Gwang-ryul (Yoo Hae-jin), cleans up at an illegal hwatoo game and runs off with bags of money from a gangster. We then move several years back in time, and see how Goni became a card-shark under the tutelage of "Commissioner" Pyung (Baek oon-shik). Initially only looking for a way to recoup his sister's money he wasted on the table, Goni is gradually drawn into the world of illegal gambling, especially when the sultry Madame Jeong (Kim Hye-soo) sets her eyes on him.

Kim Hye-soo


Lee Su-kyeong








Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 27

Season Four, Episode 7

Gigi Edgley

 and Tammy MacIntosh


Claudia Black







Children of Men

The reason for watching this excellent 2006 adventure/thriller/Sci-Fi is not the nudity, which is both restrained and necessary, but rather a very good story about the near future that is both plausible and believable. Director Alfonso Cuarón did an outstanding job bringing the story to life, a loose adaptation of P. D. James' novel The Children of Men. The director was also one of the screenwriters.

The setting is 2027. The world is now in total chaos, because women can no longer get pregnant, and scientists have discovered neither the reason, nor a solution. The effect of having no child born in over 18 years has wrecked the economies of most countries (including the United States), and the countries have fallen into anarchy. England is barely hanging on, but to do this, it has decided it must capture and deport illegal aliens, which have swamped the country as they've fled from their own. With nowhere to send the refugees, they wind up in concentration-camp style refugee centers where they are horribly abused by both the government and one another, while the country is also wracked with terrorist violence from dissenters and anti-government types.

A minor government official who is a former London peace activist is persuaded by his revolutionary ex-wife to help save mankind by protecting a woman who has mysteriously become pregnant, the first women in 18 years to do so. She is an illegal alien herself, and in mortal danger.

This is a top-notch story, riveting from start to finish, which offers a realistic view of how the violence that exists today in much of the world could easily lead to the catastrophe of tomorrow. I highly recommend this movie!


Claire-Hope Ashitey






Barnara Valentin in Die Nackte und der Satan
Annekathrin Buerger in Verwirrung der Liebe
Angelica Domroese in Verwirrung der Liebe







Film clip: Aimee Graham, Rollergirl's lookalike sister, in Reform School Girl
Film clip: Jodie Foster in the full screen version of Backtrack, showing flesh not revealed by the widescreen DVD
Film clip: Madeline Zima (the little girl from The Nanny, now all grown up) in a preview from an as-yet-unnamed new Showtime series with David Duchovny. Horseshit quality, but we'll keep our eyes peeled for a better one.
Speaking of crap quality, check out this nude lesbian vampire scene with Lucy Liu and Carla Gugino in Rise. (Outside link). The movie comes out June 1.
Film clip: Stephanie Swinney in Outside the Law. Hot girl on girl action with the B-movie denizen who later made the move to art films, Anna Levine Thomson. Unfortunately, Anna keeps those robojugs restrained.
Collien Fernandes: public slip
Tammy Filor in Penny Dreadful
Martina Gedeck in The Good Shepherd
Maureen McCormick
Nicola T (famous Page 3 girl)


Julianne Nicholson in Flannel Pajamas. This zip file includes many film clips. Two of them have been here before, the rest are new. I left them al together in the interest of completeness.






The Comedy Wire

Since men are less likely to attend church than women, churches are trying to appeal more to men.  Now, Daytona Beach, Florida, has become home to the Church For Men, which doesn't even allow women.  It meets on Saturday nights, just once a month, and offers services that won't bore men.  There are no pews, stained glass or hymnals; worshippers don't have to wear ties; there is a rock band instead of an organist; and there's even a shot clock to time the sermon and a guarantee that you'll be in and out in one hour flat.

*  If the preacher goes over by one second, you get to dump a bucket of Gatorade on him.

*  Instead of wine and communion wafers, Jesus is represented by mugs of beer and hot wings.

Kevin Costner is suing Mahee Worldwide Ventures, a New York music promoter, for alleged breach of contract.  Costner claims the company agreed to a multimillion dollar deal to promote the Kevin Costner Band, including setting up websites and organizing at least five concerts a year; and they made "false promises" about their ability to promote Costner's music and to pay for the right to do so;
then they backed out and "disappeared."

*  When they promised they could make Kevin Costner a giant rock star, he never imagined they might be lying.

The Al-Qabas daily paper reports that a 29-year-old Indian man in Fintas, Kuwait, became desperate and cut off his own penis after getting a letter from his wife back in India saying she wanted a divorce to marry another man.

* If only he'd been thinking clearly, he would've cut off the OTHER man's penis.

Friday in Las Vegas, a Northwest Airlines flight to Detroit was canceled after passengers were spooked by the pilot launching into an obscene diatribe, then locking himself in the lavatory and continuing to scream and curse from in there.

* Don't worry, it was just the booze talking.

* So much for Michael Richards' new career as an airline pilot.