Here and Now

s1e8, 1080hd

Holly Hunter


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2013, 1920x800

Megan Stevenson

A Certain Justice

An unidentified woman is topless in A Certain Justice (2014),

 and Briana Evigan

 and Haydee Bonilla are very sexy.

Victor Crowley


Johnny's comments:

Quick synopsis: Victor Crowley is a continuation of the Hatchet series where a bunch of people including the only man to survive his reign of terror are trapped in the swamp where killer Victor Crowley has been brought back to life and they must try and survive. One for the fans because it ain't a good one. Ryde is about a serial killer who uses a driving app to continue his spree over one night. Terrible and incredibly hateful movie particularly towards women, much more so than anything that happens in the I Spit On Your Grave series.

Kali Cook film clip (sample below)

Laura Ortiz film clip (sample below)

Julianne Nicholson in Sophie And The Rising Sun (2016) in 1080hd

Mel Lisboa in another episode of Presenca de Anita (s1e5) in 720p

I don't understand a word of Portuguese, but this entire series seems to be about the relationship between a guy who seems to be about 60 and a girl who looks about 13: your basic Lolita scenario.