TV Recap

French TV is so much more fun than ours!

Charlie Joirkin just stands around naked in Cain (s4e2)
(Charlie also has a collage of this at

while there is only a hint of side-boob from Quinn Shephard in the premiere of Almost There

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"Queer as Folk"


"Deutschland '83"

Sonja Gerhardt


This week, the movies are from 1998 and one from 1999:

Lost in Space

No nudity in Lost in Space (1998) but Heather Graham,

Lacey Chabert

and Mimi Rogers are lovely to look at.



Lena Headey film clip (collages below)

Kelly Craig film clip (sample below)

300: Rise of an Empire


Eva Green film clip (collages below)

Nancy McCrumb film clip (sample below)

 Movie/TV Clips

The women of Palmeras en la nieve (2015)

Adriana Ugarte

Berta Vazquez


Ariel Winter


Chelsea Handler