TV Round-Up

The season finale of Shameless (s4e12) featured a topless scene from Isadora Goreshter

Dilan Gwyn flashed a very quick peek at her breast on DaVinci's Demons (s2e3)

Catching up on Victoria Abril's nudity in seasons three and four of Clem

Cameron, on Sunday's Wrestlemania PPV

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.

Continuing the softcore ...

There’s no real theme for this week. Beverly Lynne still appears a lot as she seems to have spent a lot of the last 15 or so years naked. Another popular actress is Christine Nguyen. Like most softcore, the plot is not central to the movie and is just there to join together simulated sex scenes.

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The women are:

Beverly Lynne

Christine Nguyen

Jazy Berlin

Mary Carey



Johnny's comments:

Submerge is a drama about promising swim star Jordan (Lily Hall) who is balancing a hectic schedule of swim training and a history degree and it's starting to take it's toll. Jordan also becomes closer with her tutor Angie (Christina Hallett) who is married to the head of history Cameron (Andrew Curry). After initial rejection, Angie falls for Jordan and they have an one night stand which is all they have as Angie doesn't want Cameron to find out. Meanwhile, after qualifying for the Australian swim team, Jordan becomes more frustrated with how her life is going. She sees her friends including roommate Lucas (Kevin Dee), having fun and she wants that, but swim training is getting in the way. Then there's her mother, who desperately wants Jordan to succeed at swimming and when Jordan begins missing sessions, her mother suggests quitting university, but they compromise and she drops a class. After being introduced to a BDSM club by a girl she likes, Delilah (Georgia Bolton), it starts a path that will affect Jordan's life greatly.

Submerge is a quite watchable low budget drama that takes the path less travelled on the blurred lines of sexuality although the result ends up being the same. While there are the usual issues with low budget movies, Submerge gets by with a decent lead performance by Lily Hall, who also seems to be a pretty good swimmer which is more than exploited to good effect in the movie. Not a bad attempt at exploring twenty-something's sexuality, but by no means great either and the ending is a little too convenient.

I capped this movie from a HD download off iTunes, so the quality, while still very good, is a little down. And then there's the water scenes which are always the first to suffer off these web downloads. There's also scenes in saturated light or near darkness just for added frustration. Also, I found it strange that the university scenes were shot at my old university, Swinburne, which I don't think has ever happened in a movie before. It might have as there is/was a school of TV and radio there, but I don't recall coming across it before.

Lily Hall film clip with other women (collages below)

Christina Hallett film clip with Lily Hall (collages below)

TV/Film Clips

Melanie Thierry in For a Woman (2013) in 1080p

Jordanna Allen in Bad Karma (2011)

Emily Mortimer in Young Adam (2003) in 1080p
(including the infamous condiments and custard scene)

Joanna Going and Courteney Cox in Commandments (1997) in 720p



Blair Brown in Altered States (1980) in 1080p


IMG model Martha Hunt

a few from Celebrity Bottoms

Catalina Rodriguez in Magic City, s2e4

Chantal Demming in Caged

Chava Voor in 't Holt in Divorce, s1e2

Dina Meyer in Poodle Springs

Elisabeth Margoni in Le Professionel

Giulia Elettra Gorietti in I segreti di Borgo Larici, e4

Nadja Bobyleva in an episode of Kommissar Stolberg

Keri Russell in The Americans, s2e6

Lucie Vondrackova in Post coitum

Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street