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The Girl's Guide to Depravity in 1080hd

- episode 3

Sally Golan

Brooke Pascoe

- episode 4

Rebecca Blumhagen and Riley Steele

Maggie Williams

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Legends of the Fall



Karina Lombard

Julia Ormond


Amy-Lynn Baxter


The Love Boat

Oz's notes:

The Love Boat ran for about 10 years, from 1977 to 1987. There was no nudity but pokies and cleavage were in abundance. For those who came in late, each episode usually consists of three stories. Two-part episodes sometimes consisted of four or five stories. The characters and The Love Boat's crew generally work within one of those stories.

These collages cover the first part of the eighth season and were first screened in 1984 and 1985. Unfortunately, there are a few omissions as my source didn't have all the episodes. Also, Lauren Tewes had been sacked after the seventh season and replaced by Patricia Klous. This helped to reduce the overall sexiness of the show, at least from my point of view.


Scoop's notes (taken from this source):

It made Lauren Tewes a cokehead. Tewes: “I had a very unhappy first marriage. I was working really hard at work, long hours. I did not handle it well at all. I was doing recreational cocaine that just got more and more. I was making too much money. It was the '70s, it was the time to do it.... I take total responsibility for my stupidity. I just put it down one day. I had to stop...[but] it was too little, too late. I had already damaged the trust of the people I was working for.”

Julie got the ax. During contract renegotiations for Season 8, Tewes says the producers offered her a pay cut: “I decided I was responsible for costing them a lot of money and I really messed up, so I said, ‘I will accept that as a punishment.’ Then I got a call: ‘They decided not to pick up your contract.’ Then it was in the tabloids that I'd asked for a million dollars.”

Julie got blackballed. Tewes struggled to find work: “I was blacklisted. Years later people say, ‘We couldn't hire you then. The word was out on you.’ I would go on interviews and they would make fun of me. I was punished.”

She has changed a lot

The Love Boat S8 E2 Vicki and the Fugitive / Lady in the Window / Stolen Years / Dutch Treat Part 1

Teri Copley - cleavage

The Love Boat S8 E3 Vicki and the Fugitive / Lady in the Window / Stolen Years / Dutch Treat Part 2

Elke Sommer - sexy

Teri Copley - nice

The Love Boat S8 E5 Only the Good Die Young / The Light of Another Day / Honey Beats the Odds

Patricia Klous - a bit of leg

Stephanie Faracy - lovely

The Love Boat S8 E9 The Last Heist / Starting Over / Watching the Master

Deborah Adair - cleavage

Delta Burke - cleavage

Julia Duffy - sexy

Patricia Klous - pokies

The Love Boat S8 E10 By Hook or by Cook / Revenge with Proper Stranger / Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Devon Ericson - nice

Heidi Bohay - sexy

Jan Smithers - cleavage

Patricia Klous - nice

Unknown - sexy

The Love Boat S8 E11 My Mother, My Chaperone / The Present / The Death and Life of Sir Alfred Demerest / Welcome Aboard Part 1

Catherine Oxenberg - cleavage

Loretta Swit - cleavage

The Love Boat S8 E12 My Mother, My Chaperone / The Present / The Death and Life of Sir Alfred Demerest / Welcome Aboard Part 2

Catherine Oxenberg - sexy

Loretta Swit - cleavage

The Love Boat S8 E13 Paying the Piper / Baby Sister / Help Wanted

Dana Plato - cleavage

Jaime Lyn Bauer - bikini

Michelle Johnson - sexy

The Love Boat S8 E14 Country Blues / A Matter of Taste / Frat Brothers Forever

Leah Ayres - cleavage

Terry Moore - cleavage

The Love Boat S8 E17 Ace Takes the Test / The Counterfeit Couple / The Odd Triple

Crystal Bernard - bikini

Erin Moran - lovely

Mary Ann Mobley - bikini

Michelle Johnson - sexy

Teresa Ganzel - cleavage

The Love Boat S8 E18 Love on the Line / Don't Call Me Gopher / Her Honor, the Mayor

Kitty Moffat - cleavage



Quebec movie.

Esther Gaudette: nude skinnipping.

Nathalie Coupal: boobs and buns as stripper.

Isabel Richer: pokies in wet nightgown, sideboob.

Linda Roy: rock hard pokies.

Orphan (2009)

Horror shot in Toronto.

Vera Farmiga: having sex while wearing bra.

Lorry Ayers: sexy in deleted scenes.

"Mr. D"

episode: "Charity Day" (s1e12; season finale)

None of the finales from last week ended with anyone in the sack.

Angela Vermeir: nice legs.

"I, Martin Short, Goes Home"

(2012; CBC special from last week.)

Emily Lineham aka Melissa Moore: pokies as blonde dancer.

Alexandra Crenian: sexy as redhead dancer.

Meghan Heffern: pokies as mini-princess.

Adrienne Merrell: fake Barbie Doll(tm) torpedo tits.

"Cock'd Gunns"

 episode: "A Very Cock'd Christmas"

Final episode which never aired on Showcase.

Tatiana: cleavage, wearing very little under catsuit.

The Score


Robert De Niro/Marlon Brando movie shot in Montreal.

Marie-Josee D'Amours aka Christina Colburn: nice legs.

Cafe de Flore


Helene Florent: another nude collage.

"Les enfants de la tele"

TV series
Helene Florent got exposed on an episode a few months ago when they
dug up some clips from television series no one outside Quebec knew exist.)

Helene Florent: sideboob in a 2001 episode of Deux freres

Florent exhibiting pokies in a 2006 episode of La Promesse 

Florent jello wrestling Genevieve Rochette in an episode of La Galere.

SPEED Network


Erin Bates: Canadian expatriate is very sexy as dirt bike racing hostess.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

This is the original 2003 short the 2010 TV series is based on.

Terra Vnesa: sexy as cheerleader.

Nuit #1

A followup to last week. This is why Virginie Brunelle must have choreographed  the sex scenes: Catherine De Lean's "reverse crab walk" sex position is  similar to one of Virginie's dance numbers.

Virginie Brunelle

Just for fun: Lindsay Lohan doing the crab walk in an episode of Family Guy



(2009; 720p - an HD re-do)

Tete Delgado

Tamara Moreno

Leticia Herrrero

Maria Morales



Here are all the great nude scenes from Shame in 720p

 Rakel Waermlaender in Kommissarie Winter (s1e3; 2010)

Ann-Kathrin Kramer and Karoline Eichhorn in Abgehauen (1998)

Alison Routledge in The Quiet Earth (1985) in 1080p


The Miley Cyrus upskirt in HD

Note: there is an HD video of this Miley incident, but the flash happens too fast and at the wrong angle to provide any titillation.

Stormy Daniels in Wrong Side of Town (2010)