Color of Night

There are at least three versions of this film floating around. One of them went crazy with the censor's scissors and snipped out every last look at Bruce's Willis, as well as some other hot action. The Region 1 DVD is a partial restoration. I have not seen the Region 2 DVD, but based on this excellent clip from the Italian version, the disc presents the original uncut version of the film. (There's even a close-up of the ol' Willis.)

Here are a few choice looks at the uncensored Region 2 Italian version. You can see what is available on the Region 1 version by checking the Encyclopedia.

Jane March




* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







'Tis Pity She's A Whore

'Tis a Pity She's a Whore (1972) is an Italian melodrama based on the eponymous 17th century play by John Ford. Ford's era was called the Caroline, after the king, Charles 1, the one who was beheaded by Cromwell's lads.

The English Renaissance and beyond

Ruler Years Period known as
Elizabeth 1 1558-1603 Elizabethan
James 1 1603-1625 Jacobean
Charles 1 1626-1649 Caroline
Oliver Cromwell/Richard Cromwell 1649-1660 Commonwealth/Protectorate
Charles II 1660-1685 Restoration


Many people have speculated that 'Tis Pity She's a Whore was written in the Jacobean era rather than the Caroline, because its blood-soaked revenge theme was so common in the drama of James's reign, but there is no hard evidence to support that position.  The play was first performed somewhere between 1629 and 1633, and was first published in 1633.

In the film's version, Charlotte Rampling is an attractive young single woman. Her older brother returns home, and the two fall madly in love. He gets her pregnant, and when they are discovered she is forced to marry her rich suitor. In the true fashion of the body-count school of 17th century revenge dramas, things do not go well for them after that. It other words, it makes the ending of Hamlet seem like a hippie love-in.

The filmmakers did try to reproduce the play faithfully. Unfortunately, this material was written to be performed on stage, and to appeal to a certain mind-set which was unique to that time, so it doesn't really translate that well to the screen for contemporary audiences. It does feature breast exposure from a young Charlotte Rampling, so that's one ... er ... two good things about it. Essentially this will only be of interest to Charlotte Rampling fans, and both enthusiasts of the Senecan bloodbath school of 17th century post-Elizabethan drama.

This film has long been unavailable and can now be ordered in English on DVD. The source material for this DVD was pretty clearly a VHS version. Besides being made from less than ideal source material, the DVD is encoded as 4/3 full screen, but is actually closer to 16:9, which means everyone has suddenly lost 1/3 of their body weight.

C-, due to the transfer quality.

IMDb readers say 5.3 based on only 48 votes.

Scoop's note: IMPORTANT

We do not recommend the DVD linked below. To put it more bluntly, you do NOT want this. We've listed the links below for your convenience, and because Rare Licensed DVDs provided us a screener to preview. In addition to the poor quality and inept mastering mentioned by Tuna, this is a censored version of a film which was originally more explicit (see BFD's collage below for an example of the missing footage.) Couple those facts with the niche nature of the film itself, and this disc is a loser!

Even the DVD box is bad, referring to John Ford's play as a "novel."

Tuna's C- is defensible, but is certainly the most generous possible appraisal, and pertains more to the film itself rather than this disc. I'd say the film would be C- (a niche product with absolutely no appeal outside the target audience) even in a perfectly-mastered, fully restored, uncut version. This particular version is probably an F.

Charlotte Rampling collages from this version:



BFD's collage from the uncensored version:


Rare licensed DVDs has this available as a stand-alone offer  (click on the pic for info)

 or as part of a value-priced four pack of forgotten treasures of nudity (click on the pic for info)

 4 Pack of Long Lost Treasures (All Regions NTSC)










The Rowdy Girls


Today we wrap up the Rowdy Girls.  B-movie headliner Julie Strain is all tied up in a sheer top as we kick this episode off. Fear not, then we get her naked as she gets it on with her cowpoke. Caps and 6 clips.

Happy Easter To All.









Deep Cover

Larry Fishburne plays a cop who goes undercover in the Los Angeles drug trafficking scene with an assignment to build a life as a drug lord, in the aim of getting to, and eliminating, the biggest names of the country's drug trade.

Victoria Dillard







Hello, dear uncle!
It's been a while since I wrote you, but I'd like to point out that regarding The Girl of Trieste there must have been cuts in Tuna's copy. Indeed there is also a French region 2 copy of this film available which runs 100 min. and 47 s. PAL which must amount to at least 105 minutes in NTSC. Therefore, it is at least six minutes longer than the version Tuna screened. For the time being it is only available at new or from a reliable individual seller at . I own this version and I think it is safe to report that the overall image quality is far better than what can be seen in Tuna's captures. Since Tuna always produces the best possible quality, it is certainly not his work that is to blame, let me be clear about that.
The French region 2 transfer is not always without flaws, but not on the scenes that matter to us Fun House readers. Unfortunately the audio is either French or Italian with French subtitles. No English at all, sorry. Judging from Tuna's caps it looks as if the cuts in the region 1 version were made in the mental asylum scene where Ornella Muti is stripped stark naked by fellow patients. This scene lasts for about 2 minutes and is sharp to a crisp. Furthermore I seem to recall that Mimsy Farmer shows more (breasts and buns) than what we see in today's caps.
All in all I can agree with Tuna's rating, the story is interesting thanks to Ornella's excellent performance but Ben Gazzara could have gotten more involved in the story, a remark that goes for most of his films, I believe, unless you're an unconditional fan of Ben's work.
PS. Capone with Susan Blakely is available on DVD region 2 in Belgium from I think it is also available in France, Holland and the UK but I'm not entirely sure.
I hope this information was somehow useful to you and other Fun House readers.
Yours faithfully,







Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 26

Season Four, Episode 6

Raelee Hill, s4, e5









Hollywood Sex Fantasies

(unrated version)

part 3 of 3


Ava Vincent and Teanna Kai (film clip)
Teanna Kai and Teri Windsor (film clip)
Unknowns (film clip)  

BONUS: Here's Maryam D'Abo in the full screen version of X-tro, revealing soem body parts not seen in the widescreen DVD.







Black Book

This is Paul Verhoeven's return to the Dutch cinema after many years in Hollywood. It opened Friday in the USA, but has been open for some time in European markets.

I think we have featured the following collages before, but these film clips should be new.

Carice Van Houten
Helina Reijn






Deja Vu

Deja Vu is not yet available on a commercial DVD, but here is a preview. A film clip and some caps of Paula Patton