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"The World According to Garp" (1982)

The World According to Garp (1982), is Robin Williams' third film (and second lead role) as T. S. Garp, and marks the film debut of Glen Close as his unconventional and unmarried mother. Close (Jenny Fields) doesn't understand lust or sexuality, but decides she wants a child, and impregnates herself with an unconscious dying soldier, Top Sergeant Garp, just before his death. Jenny is a trained nurse, and Garp is raised on a college campus where she works. Garp does understand lust, and desires sex. He grows up with Cushie, and they play their version of doctor whenever they can. As a young adult, he has sex in the bushes with Cushie (Jenny Wright) who shows us clear breasts in a fairly lengthy scene. Unfortunately for Garp, Helen Holm, played by Mary Beth Hurt, who he has been courting and eventually marries, sees them at it. Garp decides to become a writer to impress Helen, and his mother decides to also become a writer. Garp writes an excellent short story, and his mother writes a very timely feminist manifesto which becomes a runaway bestseller. Garp becomes best known as the bastard son of Jenny Fields.

Jenny becomes the Goddess of the feminist movement, and attracts every hurt, abused and damaged women in the known universe, whom she tries to heal, and becomes the target for violent men who are threatened by her feminist stand. One of the feminists, a former tight end turned transsexual played by John Lithgow, nearly steals the film. Garp Marries Helen, and, in one of my favorite moments from the film, buys a house. While the two are being shown the house by their agent, a small plane crashes into the second story. At this point, Garp decides to buy the house because it is "pre-disastered," and will be safe.

The film traces Garps entire life, and that of his mother. It works best before the messages regarding feminism, grief, healing, forgiveness, and the main theme of living for the moment kick in, but is enjoyable beginning to end. Close and Lithgow were both nominated for Supporting roles by the academy, and won the titles outright in several places. In thinking about the film for this review, I started comparing it in my mind to other Williams films, and wondered how they were ranked at IMDB:

3.5 Can I Do It Till I Need Glasses
4.7 Popeye
7.0 The World According to Garp
5.4 The Survivors
6.2 Moscow on the Hudson
5.9 Seize the Day
4.2 Club Paradise
5.5 Best of Times
7.0 Good Morning Vietnam
6.7 The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
7.7 Dead Poets Society
5.2 Cadillac Man
7.4 Awakenings
7.1 Dead Again
7.3 The Fisher King
5.6 Hook
5.4 Shakes the Clown 4.5 Toys
6.4 Mrs. Doubtfire
4.8 Being Human
5.2 Nine Months
6.0 Jumanji
5.5 To Wong Foo, Thanks for the Memories, Julie Newmar
6.5 The Birdcage
5.2 Jack
5.4 The Secret Agent
7.7 Hamlet
4.6 Fathers Day
7.0 Deconstructing Harry
4.6 Flubber
7.9 Good Will Hunting
6.2 What Dreams May Come
6.2 Patch Adams
5.9 Get Bruce
5.6 Jacob the Liar
6.4 Bicentennial Man

It proved to be a very interesting exercise. It is widely held that Williams has become stale as an actor, but the user ratings of his films don't bare that out. In fact, his best rated film is Good Will Hunting, also one of his more recent. I have to agree that it is one of his best performances. It looks as if older films are usually rated lower than newer films, as Garp is often thought to be one of his best, but only carries a 7.0. My personal favorite, Moscow on the Hudson, is in the barely watchable range at 6.2, and The Birdcage is only 6.5. It is clear that having Williams in a supporting role doesn't insure success or failure, nor do his lead performances. If we use 7.0 or better as the cutoff for very good films, he has appeared in 9 of them, but nothing in the top 250.

Maltin loves Garp, and awards a perfect 4 stars. US box office information is not available. Some roles are nearly made for Williams, and Garp is one of them. It also has the virtue of "offbeat energy," and fits in Comedy, Romance and Drama genres. I will call it a solid B. The DVD transfer is superb, but I would have liked more in the way of special features.

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  • Jenny Wright (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    I took a look at Cleopatra. Fox did an outstanding job on the DVD. The four hour version, a beautiful anamorphic 2.35-1 transfer, occupies two DVD's, and there is another DVD chock full of extras, including the brilliant two-hour AMC documentary. It's rated G, so there's no real nudity, but some good teases.


    Tomcat did Malgorzata Niemirska in "Dolina Issy"

    • Niemirska (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Charlie's site is updated

    Graphic Response
  • Sonia Braga excellent full frontal nudity from the Brazilian actress in scenes from "Gabriela" (1983).
  • Blackshine
    Ariane Koizumi Topless scan of the paper-thin model. I'm a big fan of photography, and I understand artistic license, but why would anyone shoot a fashion model with a cigarette, dark circles under her eyes and slightly out of focus. Perhaps if she were wearing a robe, or PJ's. That would make sense in a 'just got up' kinda way, but this one escapes me.

    Charlotte Rampling Jumping in on the "Zardoz" is Charlotte doing the old A.O.B. pose (arms over boobs).

    Cordula Reyer Frontal nudity, and a little something for the smokers.

    Kristen McMenamy Topless. If you're looking for bigguns, don't bother clicking here. You'll find larger boobs on dudes at the gym.

    A breast man special from PAL...nothing but winners in this batch!

    Landon Hall
    De'Ann Power

    Both ladies showing off the goods in scenes from "Maximum Revenge".

    Jana Svandova PAL's first 'caps of a Czech actress...Scenes from "Zahrada" aka The Garden.

    and ...
    Jennifer Jason Leigh
    (1, 2, 3)

    Excellent collages with great topless nudity for her fans.

    #1 and #2 are from "Single White Female" by HBS Grafix.
    #3 is by Scanman and features scenes from 1990's "Miami Blues".

    Shannon Tweed
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Four collages from the controversial "Singapore Sling" aka "Scandalous Behavior". As you can see in these links #2 and 3, it seems that Shannon may have really been doin' the nasty for the camera.

    Directed by James Hong...that's right, the official, creepy, old Asian guy who played Tia Carrere's dad in "Wayne's World 2", 'Snotty, the Zen gross-out master' in "Revenge of the Nerds 2", and the 'Eyemaker' in "Blade Runner".

    I love the IMDb reader comments for this one...this movie "Makes you long for the relative quality of Andy Sidaris".

    Thanks to Scanman for #1 and #2. Thanks to UC99 for #3 and #4.

    Sharon Tate
    (1, 2)

    Beautiful topless B&W images from Desperado. Circa 1961.

    Kathryn Erbe Frontal nudity below the equator in 'caps from "OZ", by nmd.
    Kristin Minter More full frontal nudity, by nmd. Scenes from "Tick Tock" (2000). As I'm sure you all remember, Kristen made her big screen debut in 1990's "Home Alone". But it was her role as Vanilla Ice's love interest in "Cool As Ice" that really thrust her into the spotlight!

    Ina Weisse Comments and images by PhD:
    Here's a topless image of the German actress in "Liebestod". It's made of two captures out of a camera panning sequence.

    The Best of Brainscan
    Today was another slow news day, but instead of running recycled Jennifer Connelly 'caps from "The Hot Spot", I thought I would do something a little different.

    Brainscan was been with us for a while now and always comes up with some pretty great stuff. Here is a small sample of his images that have grabbed my attention recently.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt A great B&W with more cleavage than allowed by law in some states.

    Gisele Bundchen It amazes how many different ways Gisele can pose completely topless yet still manages to keep her nipples covered. At first I gave props to the photographers and other supporting staff that take these pics, for being clever. Nowadays I'm a little sick of the teasing, and it just pisses me off. Either show the goods or put on some clothes (did I really say that?).

    Juggy Dancers From "The Man Show". Some of the most interesting bikinis I've ever seen...bikinis made with cookies.

    Julie Anderson
    (1, 2)
    Julie Strain
    Manuela Arcuri
    Virginie Ledoyen

    Nothing new to add here, these scans just caught my eye.

    Christy Thom Why do I like this one? I think Brainscan put it best in his original comments...
    "Entirely gratuitous nudity (the best kind), although the real goodies are seen as a reflection in the mirror. Meatballs 4: the hidden classic."

    Now how can you argue with that!

    Shower Scene Babes!
    (1, 2)

    Is there a better way to up the daily boob count? I don't think so.

    Rawhide Kid
    Part 8 starts off with Molly Sims looking practically edible in a tablecloth pattern bikini.
  • Molly Sims

    Malia Jones is looking very nice and very intense she going surfing with Lujan? Why is it that I never find things like the #2 shot of Malia on the rocks when I go fishing?

  • Malia Jones (1, 2)

    Melania Knauss appears in my absolute favorite shot of the calendar! This 'looking like she might be getting undressed' shot is the sexiest one I found! In #2, Melania shows us a hint of pokitude in a pink shirt!

  • Melania Knauss (1, 2)

    Closing this set is Michelle Behennah, who's also going surfing. Michelle's looking hot in metallic silver.

  • Michelle Behennah

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