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From Blackshine
  • I think we ran similar 'caps of Sheree Wilson last week. This time Blackshine takes a stab at it at, and the quality of this rare breast exposure is much better than before. Plus he also tells us the source! These come from the straight-to vid movie "Past Tense".
  • I'm not familiar with Leslie Horan. I'll guess that if any of you know her, it's probably from the daytime soap opera "General Hospital". Anyway, here she is in some topless 'caps from the movie "Widow's Kiss".
  • One more from Blackshine, here is Samantha Mathis from the early 90's-teen angst movie, "Pump Up the Volume".
  • Fun House Variety
  • If you know anything about B-movies, then of course you know Brinke Stevens! Don't know of her? Then check out some of her classics like "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama", "Vampirates" ,or maybe "Bad Girls from Mars"! Thanks to Bad Ax for the scan.
  • Next up, sexy supermodel Laetitia Casta decked out in Pepto pink lingerie.
  • From Devil Scan, Heather Graham from "Boogie Nights".
  • One more from Devil Scan, Juliette Lewis from "Strange Days".
  • A familiar is Anna Friel in several frames from "The Tribe".
  • A total mystery to is Heidi Nunez Gomez. Scan by HBS Grafix
  • An interesting is Christine Taylor, best known as Marcia Brady from "The Brady Bunch" movies, in 'caps from her appearance on "Friends". An odd choice of material to vidcap, but actually, this scene shows a lot of skin for her.
  • Something I've never seen before...Here is Amy Madigan topless from the 1985 movie "Alamo Bay".
  • From the odd movie "The Handmaid's Tale", here a nice collage of Natasha Richardson by Graphic Response.
  • For the Euro Scoopy fans, here is Sonja Kirchberger in 'caps from "Klinik unter Palmen", by Slartibartfast.