Deep State

s1e1, 2018, 1080hd

Karima McAdams


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100 Streets

2017, 1920x800

Jane Elsmore

A Haunted House 2


Some unidentified women are topless in A Haunted House 2

 and Jaime Pressly is in her sexy underwear.



Novitiate is a drama about a young woman Cathleen (Margaret Qualley) who decides to become a nun in the early 1960s when the church is going through some big changes which the strict Mother Superior is very reluctant to implement. The process to become a nun is difficult and it has many casualties along the way but Cathleen is getting through the process well until she starts to get sexual urges which causes her to stray from her path no matter what she does to stop it. Gotta say for a story I know little about or have much interest in, I was very intrigued by the movie and the process of how to become a nun. Ends up being a pretty decent movie and no one is more surprised that I liked this movie more than myself.

Margaret Qualley film clip (collages below)

Marshall Chapman film clip (collages below)

Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades Freed (2018) in 1080hd

Christa B Allen in Dead On Arrival (2017) in 720p

A newly-enhanced version of Ally Walker in Tell Me You Love Me (s1e10, 1080hd)

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