TV Round-Up

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A few caps of T-Ann Robson Manora in Friday's Spartacus (s1e9)

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Thandie Newton


Thandie Newton

Kira Clavell

(Banshee will resume, but Rogue is the current hotness, and nobody has done it in 1080p yet.)




Angie Duke


Continuing with the films of 1973-74.

Today: exploitation and genre films

Black Force 2

aka "Brother on the Run"


Diana Eden shows her breasts

Black Godfather

aka "Street Wars"


Breasts in The Black Godfather aka Street Wars (1974) by

Betsy Finley

and Diane Sommerfield

Fly Me


Fly Me has plenty of nudity by:

Lenore Kasdorf

Lyllah Torena

Pat Anderson


Gator Bait


There is lots of nudity in Gator Bait by:

Claudia Jennings

Janit Baldwin

Tracy Sebastian

Scream Bloody Murder


Leigh Mitchell is almost topless in the B-grade Scream Bloody Murder

Three on a Meathook


Some nice nudity in the B-grade Three on a Meathook by:

Linda Thompson

Sherry Steiner


TNT Jackson


A few topless women in T.N.T. Jackson:

Jeannie Bell

Pat Anderson


The Working Girls


Some nice nudity in The Working Girls by:

Cassandra Peterson ("Elvira")

Laurie Rose

Lynne Guthrie

Sarah Kennedy

"Orphan Black"

episode: "Natural Selection" (s1e01)

First time nudity for Tatiana Maslany: butt and partial boob.


episode: "Aperitif" (s1e1)

Series based on a young Hannibal Lecter from the cult movie Silence of the Lambs.
Torianna Lee: full boob exposure in morgue.
Fuzzy but almost unheard of for network television.

"Bates Motel"

episode" "First You Dream, Then You Die" (s1e01)

Series based on a young Norman Bates from the cult movie Psycho.

Vera Farmiga: buns getting raped.


(2013; trailer)

Umpteenth remake starring Chloe Grace Moretz in the lead and Julianne Moore as the nutty mother. By the looks of the trailer there's no nudity in the changeroom scene. To be released coming October.

"Lost Girl"

episode: "Adventures in Fae-bysitting"

(2013; s3e11)

Kate Ross: very sexy as nutty babysitter, lesbian kiss with Anna Silk.

Sadie LeBlanc: sexy.

Melinda Deines: sexy but dead.

"Being Human"

episode: "Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive" (s3e12)

Meaghan Rath: partial boob  as camera pans her nude body.

Kristen Hager: boobs under bedsheets.


tv series

Leah Gibson: sexy.


episode: "Rebel Without Lamaze" (s1e09)

Abby Ross: nice cleavage,

Francine Deschepper: short skirt.

unknown: cleavage making out.

"Bomb Girls"

episode: "Fifth Column" (s2e08)

Ali Liebert and various: underwear in obligatory changeroom scene.


le saison deux, le finale (s2e10)

Marie-Evelyne Lessard: partial boob in sex scene.

Julie Perreault: partial boob in sex scene.

The Good Lie

(2012; trailer)

obligatory stripper: buns


web series (trailer)

Amber Goldfarb: topless.


episode: "Brian and Samantha"

The only episode from seven seasons to have any nudity.

Samantha Lefebvre: buns and sideboob getting out of wet clothes.


That's Luisa D'Oliveira in "Cracked," episode "Cherry Blossoms" (s1e09)

Luisa D'Oliveira: sexy.


Film Clips

First crude film clip of Rosario Dawson in Trance. Yeah, it's a crappy cam and the dialogue is dubbed into Russian. Do you really care? Great scenes.

Vittoria Guerra in Linhas de Wellington

Hettiene Park and Lily Rabe on The N.Y. stage in Seminar



Pics and Collages

Kim Kardashian - enormous mama boobs